Friday, December 14, 2007

It's all in the wrist....

A month or so ago, and I can't remember where I'd heard about it, there was a pancake offered for sale on eBay. Not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill, plain-jane pancake, but it had an IMAGE in it. A religious image. I think it sold for over $20 (boy, wouldn't that cover the cost of a box of mix??), then for some reason, was re-listed, with the reason they wanted to accept paypal only. Not sure of the story behind that part...
I just had to show it to my husband. All the signs around us everyday that no one pays much attention to, so apparently God had decided he would put an image on a pancake. Risk having someone hack this miracle into pieces, chew, swallow, digest and...well, we'll just leave the digestive process here. However, this sign was not destined for such a fate. Evidently, it was destined to be sold on eBay, boxed up, sent across country (uh...time sensitive stuff in that box!), where the recipient...well, how on earth do you display a pancake? Even one with a religious image cooked into it???

Now, I said to my husband "I could make one of these". We didn't have pancakes for a few weeks, then last weekend while making pancakes, I remembered this eBay listing, and thought I would try for a sign of the season. The winter season. A snowman. However, after I flipped my creation, I noticed that he (she?) kinda looked like an angel.
My husband and I looked at this pancake. What to do? List it on eBay? Perhaps write out the instructions and offer PDF's for sale??? So, we ATE it. Put it to its best use.

I am NOT saying the 'original' religious pancake was purposely created, just saying that it is possible to do it. And saying that it's probably best not to pay a lot of money for a religious pancake that could, possibly, NOT be a sign from God, but a sign from the eBay seller that they need money.

How to do it? Well, my batter was a little runnier than I usually make it, so it flowed a little faster than I wanted, and I used a large spoon (an icing bag would have been better--more control). Simply drizzle the batter into a shape you want into your prepared, pre-heated fry pan, let sit for just a few seconds to let this 'set' a bit, then pour the pancake batter on top. From the top, you will now have your ordinary, plain-jane pancake, but flip it over....

Wow. No PDF, no $ involved. Now for a little note: I do believe in signs, I do have faith, so please don't think I'm a satanist, or an atheist, or that I'm poking fun at religion. I just have a hard time believing the pancake bit. Or the grilled cheese sandwich a while back...another item, I just have to ask: HOW DO YOU DISPLAY IT????

Sunday, December 02, 2007

And the winner is...

I put all the names of those who entered into a 'Santa Hat' and asked my 10yo to draw a name. The winner is: Debi! And as soon as Yahoo will let me open that email message, I'll be able to reply to it to let her know. Debi, if you read this, please email me with a different subject line, anything but contest. Seems 3 messages with 'contest' as the subject line are un-openable right now, although I was able to open them when they came in! Aaargh.

The names of the patterns, as listed on my site:
Sugar Cookies
Sandy Plumberry the Elf
Elf Gift pouches (actually have no name on my site)
Snowman Gift Tote (no-name)
Animal Ornaments (two ornaments)
Lion Stocking
and Jack Frost (free pattern)
and Sweetie the Snowflake (free pattern)

I thank those who entered, and hope for even more entries next time!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring....

And yes, last night, the old man WAS snoring.

Last night, I taught a class. A crochet class. Beforehand, I was a little nervous, and a little excited (okay, more than a little excited) at the thought of meeting other crocheters face to face. This was a new concept for me, the face to face thing!
I had a great time last night, I hope the 7 women did, too. And there is a strong possibility that we'll be able to continue meeting at the library monthly, which would be...well...awesome. And maybe our little group will grow to include young, old, experienced, beginner, male, female...

Later today, it'll be off to work for me. I just love getting pages from cashiers asking for price checks, because someone said the sign said one thing (99 cents for example) when, if they would have read the actual words on the sign, they would have realized there was no sign for the item. I had it on my cart with me about to put up. What amazes me is they didn't look at the sign immediately to the left or right of the item, but one that was farther down. One that read clearly Romaine Lettuce. NOT parsley root. I don't mind, though, really, just find it rather humorous.
Not as humorous as some of my co-workers, but far more so than spat out cherry pits.

For those on Ravelry, I'm there too, look for CrochetSal...

And don't forget the contest I talked about last have till November 30. Finding the names of the patterns shouldn't be hard, they're all listed on my site (hint: Christmas patterns, some free, some for sale) NO PURCHASE is necessary.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Excitement! And NEW CONTEST!

I'm definitely excited. And not just a little nervous. A couple of months ago, I'd noticed a bulletin in my local library letting people know that the library was available for not-for-profit groups, if you had a hobby you wanted to share. I asked if anyone had mentioned crochet, right away the librarian said "No, would you be interested?" And the ball started rolling.
Slowly at first. After all, this was back in late summer, my seminar (as they call it) is scheduled for November 20.
As Hallowe'en approached, the ball started rolling a little faster. Besides working on Hallowe'en designs for my site and Etsy store, I had to work on some items for a display on the bulletin board.
Finally, today, I finished weaving in the ends on the last item and carried my bag to the library.
The librarian helped hang the items, and this is how it turned out:

The bulletin board was larger than I'd remembered, so it does look a little sparse. Too bad I hadn't thought to get my evergreen garland out of the attic.
Now, for a very spur of the moment contest (it hit me while I was uploading the picture just now!). If you can name all 8 of my patterns from my website shown here and email me at crochetsal at yahoo dot com (you know the drill: replace at with '@' and dot with '.') with the correct answers, I will enter all names in a barrel (okay, a bowl from my kitchen cupboard) and will draw 1 for every 10 entries. If 30 people enter, there will be 3 winners!

Rules: One entry per person. But, I'm not a total bad guy. If you email an answer, and realize you made a mistake, I will accept the newer entry and delete the old one. Winners must be able to accept PDF attachments. It is advisable that you make sure messages from my email (see above) are in your 'safe' list. If the congratulations email I send is not replied to within 7 days, I will draw a new winner.

Prize: Two month membership of patterns from my site. Winners' choice: begin with November 07, or begin with December 07. As stated above, the more entries, the more winners.

Contest ends November 30th, winners will be contacted privately by December 2nd, and first names/last initial ONLY will be posted here in my blog. Along with the correct answers.

Hint: the one item looks different from my free pattern posted. It is a more 'anatomically correct' version of the original.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ghoulish Fun

Have I mentioned I LOVE fall and Hallowe'en? Now and then, this twisted little voice inside spurs me to do something a little...well..twisted. This month, it was my Eye Scream. So far, I've done two flavours, Putrid Pistachio and Revolting Raspberry Ripple. These ones sport body parts and tapeworm topping or deep-fried worms. (I ran out of 'fresh' worm colour)
I also thought my Dismembered Digits would be nice stuck in some Eye Scream. Other flavours we thought of (my 10yo and I had fun coming up with some, I just wish I'd written them down then!) were: Moldering Mint Chip, Sickening Strawberry, Gross Grape.
Pattern is now available in my Etsy store, and will be available on my site within the next 2 days.
Also available this month are Witch Frizzy Head (witch costume for 32" 'walking' dolls), a Sugar N Spice Baby Afghan, and Sugar (I made Gingerbread) Cookies.

Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving always kind of jumps out at me from just around the corner, and I never seem to have a pattern for it. Maybe next year, or maybe in time for the American Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What happens when....

what happens when a ball of cotton yarn somehow finds its way into the washer?? Well, I neglected to take a picture before the time-consuming untangling, but here is a black and white artist's rendering of what it looks like when it emerges from its agitated bath:Honestly. Except there was more colour...and the yarn was thicker...
I set it aside to dry, wondering if I should just throw it out. But, throw out yarn??? Just because it looked hopelessly tangled? Not me. After a couple of weeks of staring at it while I crocheted with other, far less tangled yarn, I took pity on the blob and sat with it while I watched tv and carefully, lovingly picked through the knots until I had:

Much easier to work with, I must say! I'm thinking of posting the artist's rendering by my yarn stash to warn other skeins and balls of the outcome should they decide to hide in my laundry pile to go for a spin.

Now, more serious stuff. The price of my year long monthly membership will go up as of October 5th. Month by month ($3.95) for now will remain the same. If you are interested in paying only $30 for a minimum of 48 patterns for 1 year (all my new patterns as they come out--many priced at $2.95+ ), hurry, because the price will go up to $36 October 5th. My returned Club Pack Membership will also continue to be offered.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

End of Summer...Almost!

Those flip flops that are looking a little 'tired' from being the sole footwear all summer...don't throw them out quite yet!
I was looking at our small pile of flipflops, one where the strap pulled that had wonderful rubbery spines to massage your foot (note, key word 'had') but most were flattened from wear...and one pair that won't fit anyone next year. Thinking, wow, that's THREE pair of shoes that will probably end up in the land fill.
And, I decided to USE them.
So, keep an eye out here for an announcement stating something like 'Eureka!', or 'Egads!' or the like. Which means, I did it.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hallowe'en is Coming!

Fall is my favourite time of year. The colours, the smells...Hallowe'en and its spooky stories...
I'll be watching When Good Ghouls Go Bad (With Christopher Lloyd) repeatedly, and am hoping to buy the entire Hallowe'entown set to watch over and over. Although the last couple weren't as good as the first one. But then, it's rare I find sequels I like.
Anyway, with my favourite time of year coming up, I've been in a 'monster' mood. This month, I have a Funny Face Trick or Treat Bag pattern set:And Count Dorkula. My 9yo daughter came up with the name, and pictures started flying through my head. This is what I ended up, and I've been told it looks NOTHING like the picture in my 9yo's head:

Both patterns are available on my site (so far just on my What's New page...power flickered while I was working on my Hallowe'en page and the computer shut down. I just didn't feel like starting up the pagebuilder again right now!) and in my Etsy store. If the pattern isn't in my store, either convo me, or'll be re-listed.

Along with Hallowe'en designs, I'm also now 'into' my fall scents. I change candles according to the season, and found a wonderful seller on Etsy. I purchased some tealights and votives from her, and I know I'll be back. She sent a wonderful tealight sample of Apple Pie, I just have to order more! If you like candles, check her out: Woodcrafts & Candles.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Half Empty or Half Full?

Well, The Pit Next Door is slowly getting smaller. If the weather hadn't been so wet and soggy (making it extremely difficult for the guys driving the equipment) I'm sure we would have no Pit Next Door today. They started re-filling it last Friday, then again on Tuesday (the only day this week it didn't rain at all), and now, we're back to having a pond next door again. But the pond is much smaller this time around.
They're about half done now, and I can't help but wonder if it's half full or half empty??

It was 10 cent listing day at eBay yesterday, and again, I took advantage, having 23 listings up now for various crochet books I'm sure I'll never use. You know, the kind you buy thinking "I HAVE to have it" then it sits in your closet for 3 years after you look through it a couple of times. I have plenty more, but really don't want to have to take 50 packages to the post office in one or two goes, so am limiting. If it's 10 cent listing day at me out! My starting prices are usually really low, and with my luck, the end price is usually not much higher. I had 6 lollipop lane patterns go last time for around $2, when most people are selling individual ones starting at that. So yeah, my loss could be your gain!

My items on eBay

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Membership

Although the monthly membership is and will continue to be available, and the 1-year monthly membership for $30 has so far been saved from the chopping block, I have now posted on my site information about the Club Pack Membership. Similar to what I offered a few years ago, but simplified.

I will be heading out Sunday for almost a week of 'camping'. I say 'camping' cause it's not really camping when you're staying in an air conditioned cabin with two bedrooms (one of which has two sets of bunk beds which makes my daughters very happy), a kitchenette, bathroom and sitting area. I am so looking forward to this, and to the coming home. No more rickety 1970's tent trailer to put up and take down, no tent to put up and take down. Woohoo!
And rain or shine, I will be able to crochet. What to take...

I will be having a 'seminar' at my local library in November. Talk about nervous. The only people I've taught to crochet are my two daughters, one of whom lost interest completely. Is that a good sign??? I'll be coming up with a design to use, something that can be done in about an hour, or at least a good start, and have already started 'stashing' finished items for a display. My lion stocking is one, the amigurumi theatre duo is another. I'm thinking of whipping up some of my toilet tissue covers as well, maybe come up with a Santa one this year.
I don't know what thought makes me more nervous: the thought of actually demonstrating, or the thought that hey, maybe NO ONE will sign up for it!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy Day

It was 10 cent listing day at So, my thoughts of going through my craft section in the basement *someday* took form, and I spent hours and hours going through boxes, cartons and bags and finally listing several auctions of yarn, dolls and crochet and plastic canvas patterns. If shipping seems a little scary, please understand, I am entering the estimated weight/size/destination of the package at Canada Post and they are telling me to ask the $17. If I've overestimated the weight and the shipping is less, I WILL most cheerfully re-imburse any difference over 50 cents. Not all my auctions have the same shipping! Patterns (unless you get a lot) are still fairly cheap to send!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Facebook and Animal Gift Bags

I'm kinda liking Facebook. I've managed to find two people I went to grade school with (yikes, was it REALLY 27 years ago???!) and about 3 or 4 people I went to high school with. It'd be easier to find more if I knew some married names...

The first pattern in my Animal Gift Bags is the Lion Stocking/Gift Bag shown below. Pattern is available in my Etsy store for $3.95. Because it is a 'special' pattern, it will not be available on my site, and therefore is not part of a membership.

Also, coming soon, the return of my Club Pack Membership. I am ironing out details as per price/quantity of patterns, so stay tuned. For a short time (at least--I may continue this one) the year long membership will still be available, for $30, you will receive all new patterns on my site, a minimum of 4 each month, for 1 year. 48 patterns in all.

For the Lion Stocking and for the Year Membership, you can use the buttons on the side.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Off to the wizarding world...

Where I'll be till probably sometime tomorrow! I'm currently following Ron, Harry and Hermione, and won't say where they're at or what they're doing.
And when our adventure is over, I STILL won't say where they've been or what they've done. I'll let you find that out for yourself!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I have a picture of ME

After joining Facebook and having friends tell me the question mark really did not resemble me in the least, I finally decided to let someone take my picture. The photographer? My 9yo daughter. She did want me to look directly at the camera, but I persuaded her to let me NOT look directly at the camera. I personally like a more natural look.

So....this is my overgrown garden. Although this year it's overgrown with tomato plants and pumpkin vines instead of weeds. And itsy-bitsy baby pumpkins beginning to grow!
This weekend is yet another big weekend. Last weekend I family to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Yes, I am a BIG fan. My 9yo knows this, and even made me a card to celebrate: Happy Harry Potter Day. On the inside: Please, don't make us watch any more Harry Potter Movies.
I had to break the news that there were still 2 more coming...
This weekend? The last book, of course. I read that JK Rowling cried while she wrote the last chapter. I fully understand. I've written (though never, ever published) short stories and a couple of novellas, and at the end have felt like I was saying goodbye to dear friends. Which is only a small part of what Ms. Rowling must be feeling.
I also read that some dishonest people have posted pictures of the pages of the book on the net. I can't believe any real fan would even think about downloading those. A real fan would wait for The Day. Anticipation is part of the fun.
So...I'll be lost in the Wizarding World this weekend. Or for a day at least. Depends on if I break to eat and/or feed my family.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

And we have a winner....

Only one person was brave enough to leave a comment about the Pit Next Door (see previous post Life Beside the Pit), and she now wins a 3 month subscription for patterns! Christal, please drop me a line at crochetsal (at) yahoo (dot) com so I can contact you about your prize. Congratulations! And thanks for catering to my impulsive silliness!

I WILL have a more rational, thought-out contest soon, so keep watching!

BTW, if you've noticed my poll at the side, I've been considering lately re-starting my old Club Pack Membership, with a bit of a difference. The ideas given in the poll are rough ideas, I just want to get an idea of how popular this would be. Just think: you would pick and choose your patterns so you won't get 'stuck with' doily patterns if you're just not into doilies, or doll patterns if you're not into them!

So if you have a moment, please let me know your thoughts on this by clicking on your choice in the poll.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Good news! New toys...And new free pattern preview...

GOOD NEWS!! I received a phone call from the town today regarding our request to purchase 10 feet into that lot (see previous post about The Pit Next Door). The town has hired someone to assess that 10 feet, and when the assessment is received, the town will call us about the sale.

Can we say YAY??? Of course, if they would have done this 2 years ago when we first asked, that line of evergreens would still be there, but this means the few that are left will be saved, and we can plant new trees.

New toys: our Kodak EasyShare that we purchased for about $350 plus taxes 4 years ago has been giving us a hard time lately. It refuses to turn on when the lens is open, and the lens doesn't want to come out. Shutting and opening the lens cover a couple times and waiting would usually mean we could take a picture or two. We do have a cheaper camera...but darned for the life of me I can't figure that one out.

So, we splurged, spent $135 plus taxes (please note the price difference) for a much better, newer, more features Kodak EasyShare 7.1 mega pixel camera. With video. With sound. Easy to use ( a definite plus--and no, Kodak is NOT paying me to say this). I loved my first Kodak digital cam, and I know I'll love this one, too. I've already taken pics, including the one below...

Free Pattern (click picture). I'm hoping to get two simple snowflake patterns, typed up
tomorrow. They will be free patterns. The patterns for sale include a snowman (watch for his girlfriend next month...and some strange twists on snowmen in the coming months), a table set, a granny lapghan with a bit of a uniqueness...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another post of Just Stuff

I just had to show this off! From my biggest fan, my 9yo daughter, who loves to help mom out, and loves to play around with making graphics on the computer. I thought the slogan was kinda cute, too!
An update on the Pond Next Door...well, we can't call it the Pond any more. The water was pumped down the sewer last Friday. So, now if some child happens to break through the flimsy fence, at least they won't drown. And no water=no mosquitos laying eggs! I was told they would be filling it soon. We put in yet another letter requesting a measley 10 feet into the property, and we are HOPING that this time, they grant it. Heck, it would be nice after what they've put us through to just GIVE us the 10 feet. But, they've lost so much money waiving fees I'm sure they'll want to try to recover some of it.
And yet another creature was spotted: my husband and I witnessed a turtle walking in the mud towards a small puddle still left. I am trying to figure out just how he got there, there are no creeks or waterfilled ditches close to us. Where did I hear: Leave it wild, they will come?
Now for an update on my website, I will be adding buttons for Canadian funds. Because there is so little difference in the dollars, this will be at par. I'm just trying to create my own buttons now to use, or maybe I'll just let my 9yo, the budding graphics designer!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Life Beside The Pit

Not-so-fondly referred to as The Pit Next Door, then (when wildlife arrived) The Pond Next Door, I am sharing my ugly mess with you. Keep in mind, we had offered to buy part of the property from the town BEFORE they announced selling it, and we could have been looking out our windows at a line of evergreens, rather than THIS:

Although a building cannot be erected within 10 feet of the property line (the orange snow fence is pretty much on it), the digging did have to come closer. But, INCHES from our property?? We park a tent trailer and two cars in our driveway. Let me rephrase that. We used to park a tent trailer and two cars in our driveway. Now, with only a few feet between our car and the Pit for the front half of the driveway, we've taken to parking one car on the road, the other at the back half of the driveway closer to the road, where the Pit is not quite so close.

What happened? The town sold their property to the Youth and Family Resource Network for transitional/low income housing. For a song, I'm sure. And not the long-lost-worth-a-million kind of song, either. Sewer connections were put in, with the fee waived, then the digging started. Ooops, contaminated soil was found, they can't build. Apparently now, the builder, the YFRN and the town are all in talks, with lawyers involved.
How long has the Pit Next Door looked like this? Well, basically, since last September. Wish I could remember exactly what day, we could throw an anniversary party. I say basically, because...well, the sides are eroding. Scary thought. Even scarier is the fact that behind our house runs a walking trail that used to be a railway. Along that walking trail, they are putting in a sewer line. Which means heavy equipment shaking the earth. Which could mean MORE dirt from the sides falling into the Pit. See where I'm going?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fishy stuff

I wanted to design a cat blanket that I could sell and try to raise money for Kittenaide, a local group that helps cats and kittens find homes. Our younger cat, Stormy is one we got from Kittenaide. I remember going in, there were a lot of cats and kittens! and one in particular came up to Delainey and wouldn't leave her alone. The woman said "Oh, looks like Vixen has adopted you!" It's true. With a name change--both names really suit her personality, though!--Stormy quickly settled in amongst our dogs and other cat. And realized that although the dogs will play with her, the old cat just won't. Don't get me wrong, there are still times that Stormy gets that devilish look in her eyes and tries to engage Smudge in some play!

The fish blanket pattern will be available May 5th on my site, and on Etsy. $1 from each pattern will be donated to Kittenaide to help pay for vet bills. To read more about this group, or if you would like to help out:

Now for the blanket:

Now, for something else that (to me) is a little fishy: eBay sellers who list books of patterns, but will not state the title. Why? So you can't find the book at an online retail store for less than half what the bidding ends at?

Recently, someone on a crochet list I belong to was hoping to get help finding the name of one such book on eBay. I dug around, didn't take too long, found the book (304 pages, Annie's Attic and more than 90 patterns of afghans and doilies) was enough to go by, along with pics! for less than $20 US. The one on eBay ended at $46 plus shipping. I kinda figured with a publication date of 2006 that it would be available elsewhere!

Me? I paid $27, shipping and taxes included, CANADIAN for a new copy at!

So, one word of advice: if you find a book that you like on eBay, and the seller will not state the title, it is probably available elsewhere and they just don't want you to find it. Or, they legitimately forgot to add the title in. (clear throat here) So, check with online groups, there's a good chance someone there has the book, or can help you with the title.

I certainly can't blame sellers who are up front about the title, which is currently available, and the bidding goes up to twice the price that Annie's Attic is selling it for! As with any auction, you do have to know what you're bidding on.

Time to 'get back to work'!

Friday, April 27, 2007

They're ba-a-ack!

The tree swallows that is. Swooping in front of our house, and hanging around the same birdhouse on our porch where the couple raised their young last year.

I've had several projects in mind, just finished one, and will be starting on the next one this afternoon. That's the one I'm excited, yet nervous about. It's something I don't think I've seen before, and I'm not 100% sure how to go about what I want to do...

I know many people look for free patterns (heck, don't we all!) and I know many people do so because buying patterns would eventually put them in the poorhouse. I do try to price my patterns for sale reasonably, and this morning had an idea for a not-so-secret secret sale.

Not-so-secret because I've just told you about it! Secret because I didn't say exactly what it is. This month. I'll be changing the sale monthly, and each month will be like a treasure hunt. Large buttons are put on a few pages of my website: one button will be on the category page which is involved in the sale (there's a hint!), the other 3 buttons will be on other pages. If this works well, or gets some good comments, I will continue with different sales each month.

Start the not-so-secret secret sale hunt.

Monday, March 19, 2007

March is more than half done...spring is just about here...I swear I can hear her footsteps around the corner. I can certainly smell her perfume now and then: it's faint, but there nonetheless.

Projects for this month were Easter. I vowed last year to put the seasonal patterns out the month BEFORE the holiday, gives people more time to make them. And so far, I think I've done pretty good keeping up with that. The patterns are all on my sale page, which is where all new patterns go at introductory prices. My fave this month is the firefighter teddy bear from my previous post. I know, not Easter, but I (and I'm sure I'm biased) think he's adorable.

The duck's butt did get done. Not as curvy as I wanted, but it works:

Also new are Meet the Bulbos (a recycling idea for lightbulbs--but NOT meant as a toy) and two more Egghead Buddies.

Next month? Believe it or not, I am BEHIND. I have an afghan started, I'm almost afraid to mention when it was started....(October). Now that I'm getting rolling on it again, I find I'm in dire need of more yarn. It is Red Heart, but even with no dye lots, I can't guarantee the cream colour will still be the same.

I just started working on beads today...don't want to say too much, but I think I'm going to have fun with these. But then, isn't crochet always fun?, I don't want to hear about last minute rushes to finish gifts that just HAVE to be done...NA-NA-NA-NA-NA...I'm not listening!

Friday, March 02, 2007

And more than 4 months later...

She's back. At least for a short time.

What's been going on?

Well, the same ol' same ol' in my disfunctional family. But, you don't want to hear that!

On a crochet note, which is more likely what you want to hear, I have been doing several smallish items. And a larger one on the go.

I am currently fighting with...I mean, working on, a duck's butt. Yes, duck's butt. At a suggestion from a visitor to my site, I am designing a rubber ducky toilet tissue cover. That butt was giving me a hard time. Three tries, and I was still unhappy with the results. The 4th try, well, if I say much, I might jinx it. So I'll stop there!

I did finish a firefighter outfit for 6-8" teddy bears. I thought he/she turned out quite well. Modelling the outfit is none other than my pal Custard. Friends for Custard can be made using the pattern available for sale on my site. The two above patterns as well as two other 'sets' will be available March 5th. As long as I finish Mr. Duck's tush.

I'm slowly (very slowly) working on re-vamping my site. Apart from creating a page that lists ALL the free patterns together (no pics, just links), I'm still at the thinking stage. Sometimes that's the longest stage for me. I do want to create new categories to help people find patterns more quickly.

Before I go: a peek at the firefighter outfit. Custard's pattern will also be available at a special price for those purchasing the firefighter outfit. I'm seeing Custard as...a surgeon. Think I might even have that green colour...