Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fishy stuff

I wanted to design a cat blanket that I could sell and try to raise money for Kittenaide, a local group that helps cats and kittens find homes. Our younger cat, Stormy is one we got from Kittenaide. I remember going in, there were a lot of cats and kittens! and one in particular came up to Delainey and wouldn't leave her alone. The woman said "Oh, looks like Vixen has adopted you!" It's true. With a name change--both names really suit her personality, though!--Stormy quickly settled in amongst our dogs and other cat. And realized that although the dogs will play with her, the old cat just won't. Don't get me wrong, there are still times that Stormy gets that devilish look in her eyes and tries to engage Smudge in some play!

The fish blanket pattern will be available May 5th on my site, and on Etsy. $1 from each pattern will be donated to Kittenaide to help pay for vet bills. To read more about this group, or if you would like to help out: http://kittenaide.fortunecity.com/

Now for the blanket:

Now, for something else that (to me) is a little fishy: eBay sellers who list books of patterns, but will not state the title. Why? So you can't find the book at an online retail store for less than half what the bidding ends at?

Recently, someone on a crochet list I belong to was hoping to get help finding the name of one such book on eBay. I dug around, didn't take too long, found the book (304 pages, Annie's Attic and more than 90 patterns of afghans and doilies) was enough to go by, along with pics! for less than $20 US. The one on eBay ended at $46 plus shipping. I kinda figured with a publication date of 2006 that it would be available elsewhere!

Me? I paid $27, shipping and taxes included, CANADIAN for a new copy at Chapters.ca!

So, one word of advice: if you find a book that you like on eBay, and the seller will not state the title, it is probably available elsewhere and they just don't want you to find it. Or, they legitimately forgot to add the title in. (clear throat here) So, check with online groups, there's a good chance someone there has the book, or can help you with the title.

I certainly can't blame sellers who are up front about the title, which is currently available, and the bidding goes up to twice the price that Annie's Attic is selling it for! As with any auction, you do have to know what you're bidding on.

Time to 'get back to work'...play...crochet!