Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring....

And yes, last night, the old man WAS snoring.

Last night, I taught a class. A crochet class. Beforehand, I was a little nervous, and a little excited (okay, more than a little excited) at the thought of meeting other crocheters face to face. This was a new concept for me, the face to face thing!
I had a great time last night, I hope the 7 women did, too. And there is a strong possibility that we'll be able to continue meeting at the library monthly, which would be...well...awesome. And maybe our little group will grow to include young, old, experienced, beginner, male, female...

Later today, it'll be off to work for me. I just love getting pages from cashiers asking for price checks, because someone said the sign said one thing (99 cents for example) when, if they would have read the actual words on the sign, they would have realized there was no sign for the item. I had it on my cart with me about to put up. What amazes me is they didn't look at the sign immediately to the left or right of the item, but one that was farther down. One that read clearly Romaine Lettuce. NOT parsley root. I don't mind, though, really, just find it rather humorous.
Not as humorous as some of my co-workers, but far more so than spat out cherry pits.

For those on Ravelry, I'm there too, look for CrochetSal...

And don't forget the contest I talked about last have till November 30. Finding the names of the patterns shouldn't be hard, they're all listed on my site (hint: Christmas patterns, some free, some for sale) NO PURCHASE is necessary.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Excitement! And NEW CONTEST!

I'm definitely excited. And not just a little nervous. A couple of months ago, I'd noticed a bulletin in my local library letting people know that the library was available for not-for-profit groups, if you had a hobby you wanted to share. I asked if anyone had mentioned crochet, right away the librarian said "No, would you be interested?" And the ball started rolling.
Slowly at first. After all, this was back in late summer, my seminar (as they call it) is scheduled for November 20.
As Hallowe'en approached, the ball started rolling a little faster. Besides working on Hallowe'en designs for my site and Etsy store, I had to work on some items for a display on the bulletin board.
Finally, today, I finished weaving in the ends on the last item and carried my bag to the library.
The librarian helped hang the items, and this is how it turned out:

The bulletin board was larger than I'd remembered, so it does look a little sparse. Too bad I hadn't thought to get my evergreen garland out of the attic.
Now, for a very spur of the moment contest (it hit me while I was uploading the picture just now!). If you can name all 8 of my patterns from my website shown here and email me at crochetsal at yahoo dot com (you know the drill: replace at with '@' and dot with '.') with the correct answers, I will enter all names in a barrel (okay, a bowl from my kitchen cupboard) and will draw 1 for every 10 entries. If 30 people enter, there will be 3 winners!

Rules: One entry per person. But, I'm not a total bad guy. If you email an answer, and realize you made a mistake, I will accept the newer entry and delete the old one. Winners must be able to accept PDF attachments. It is advisable that you make sure messages from my email (see above) are in your 'safe' list. If the congratulations email I send is not replied to within 7 days, I will draw a new winner.

Prize: Two month membership of patterns from my site. Winners' choice: begin with November 07, or begin with December 07. As stated above, the more entries, the more winners.

Contest ends November 30th, winners will be contacted privately by December 2nd, and first names/last initial ONLY will be posted here in my blog. Along with the correct answers.

Hint: the one item looks different from my free pattern posted. It is a more 'anatomically correct' version of the original.