Friday, July 24, 2009

Something old...

Well, not really old.  A picture of my daughter when she was  2, sketched from a photo around the same time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Behind again. My take on the new HP movie

Seems to be the story of my life the last few months. Behind on blogging, behind on updating my site, behind on designing...
Unfortunately, with the automotive industry (which hubby's work is based in) the way it is, I've had to accept the fact that in order to keep the bill collectors from hounding us, and to help keep the roof over our heads, I've had to accept more hours at work. I struggled for a few months, being late with my new designs each month, but thought I could do it. Then, my 11yo said to me "Mom, I understand why you're not spending as much time with us. You have to earn money." Darn. Thought I was impervious to the ol' guilt trip. But I guess when it comes to my kids...I'm not.
So, something had to go. I am backing off on my 4 patterns/month commitment, at least for now. I will still design, but not as many patterns. I've re-imbursed remaining members for the remainder of their year, and wow, what a feeling easing that pressure. I've also wanted to work some of my older designs, just for fun, and to get back into drawing and maybe eventually painting, but with the commitments I had, there was just no time. Now there is. Hopefully.
However, I'm working full-time hours at work possibly the next few weeks, and a full time position is being posted, and I may apply for that.

With less pressure, I enjoyed a 'mother daughter' afternoon with my 14yo yesterday. We went to see Harry Potter, the Half Blood Prince. After the last few movies, I was prepared to be disappointed. You know, the usual, we have to cut this part from the book out, not enough time, but let's add this useless crap in just for fun...
And I was not disappointed in being disappointed.
Gone (again) is Dobby. No mention of Kreacher...the invisibility cloak which was supposed to remain on Harry's person throughout the movie from the time Dumbledore picks him up at the Dursley residence (not outside a diner where Harry was flirting with a muggle) only makes one appearance in a slightly messed up scene.
The battle at the end of the book I knew did not make it to the screen, something about being 'too much' with the final battle coming at the end of the last movie. Uh, funny, it wasn't 'too much' in the books. So, instead of that battle, let's toss in a pointless one earlier on where nothing was supposed to happen. Destroying a residence which is *supposed* to be the scene of a wedding in just a few months (their time--not ours). And which remained intact throughout the book series.
It was well-done, though, despite the extras and ommissions, and I was so glad to see that Emma Watson seems to have relaxed a little in her acting and doesn't seem so forced. Every time I watch Order of the Phoenix, I cringe when Hermione's voice is so angry when discussing with Harry that the Ministry should not punish him for conjuring a Patronus. I had always pictured her anxious and speaking quickly, but not angry, with pauses between phrases and words.
There's so much I could bring up that I was not happy with regarding to scene changes, character ommissions--I'm still trying to figure out if they're even going to have Dobby in the last movie. We haven't really gotten to know him, so *if* what happens to him next happens, how are we supposed to feel empathy???
Hopefully, the next two movies (if they still plan on breaking up the last book into 2 so they don't leave anything out--maybe they'll even add some missing things from HBP) Emma's acting continues as it was in this one.
So, yet again, mixed feelings on the movie, and I will still buy it, heck, have to complete the collection, I can't just have the first 5 movies.