Friday, December 17, 2010

Work Woes

First, just a bit of background.  I work in the produce department of a local grocery store, part of a large chain.
It was one fantastic night.  It started off okay...I actually remembered to swipe in before starting work--we now have to swipe in at the back of the store, where our department is,  I'm used to starting work as soon as I get to the back so have on a few occasions forgotten to swipe in on time.
Then, product signs were done up for the price changes...but not sorted as to 'everyday value' and 'Now'.  Okay, I can live with that, the ad was right there.  HOWEVER, several items in the ad didn't have signs made up, which I thought was strange, because the system automatically prints out increases and decreases when you're doing signs.  Figured I'd take care of these later.

Started pulling skids out onto the floor to work from, a case of raspberries fell off the top and inside I felt something between a scream and a hysterical laugh bubbling up as I watched helplessly ...BUT, good fortune was on my side, and NONE of the dozen 1/2 pints popped open. 

Fast forward till almost the end of my shift, scanned the 'missing signs' items to make signs...they scanned at *regular* price.  AAARGH.  So, had to go online to file a report, hand that in at the cash office for them to change the prices...go back and print the signs, but not all of them had changed.
Finally scanned out...'punch accepted but late'.  Geez, I had NO IDEA I had stayed 25 minutes past the end of my shift, I guess all the fun I was having...I just lost track of time.
Oh, and the fun doesn't stop there!  Next week's schedule shows me as having 52 hours.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed the problem lay in Thursday's scheduling.  With our new system, we use military time, so a midnight shift would be 22:00-6:30.  Well...*someone* entered my shift as 10:00-6:30, which means I start work 10 o'clock Thursday morning and leave at 6:30 Friday morning, for a whopping 20 hours (for my ninth midnight in a row better yet!!)

I had to laugh, though, and left a nice note for the acting produce manager:  "Much as I would LOVE to...I'll have to say no to working 20 hours on Thursday."  On the bright side--cause there always is one--after a night like last night, tonight *should* be a piece of cake.  :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me....

Another year has passed, and once again, my 29th birthday approaches.  Or, as my sister Sue once said my "anniversary of my 29th birthday".

To celebrate (other than working midnight shifts going into and coming out of my birthday!), I am running sales in both my Etsy shops:  20% off your purchase, just enter coupon code 'happybirthday' when checking out in either shop.  Smudgekitty (finished items) and CrochetSal's (my original patterns sent via email)
Coupon code is good through December 10th (my actual birthday) and this special will end at 7:00 am Saturday the 11th.