Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On to the next project!

But which project?  The teddy bear in the wonderful ribbon yarn I purchased.  The poor thing is laying there, I got as far as (almost) completing his head and set him aside for something else.  Just can't remember exactly what, it *might* have been:
A granny square afghan using my Raspberry Medallion pattern (yay!  I'll finally be able to post a picture again!) with shades of blues and purples for the round centre of each square and cream for a wide 'border'.  Which got set aside after a few squares to work on:

And this I do remember!  An order for an overseas customer for baby shower favours.  24 babies in blankets, and a special baby tiger in a blanket, since this year is the year of the tiger.  I am so happy with the way the tiger worked out, I had to ask my customer if she would mind if I used her idea to create more baby tigers to offer them.  The response was pretty much "It's the year of the tiger, you must!"  And she thought the tiger was cute, btw:

The order was for 24 babies, 6 each of 4 different colours.

And the tiger, at right.  After I started his head, someone in a crochet group passed on a link to a yarn company's pattern for a tiger.  That tiger had vertical stripes on the head, and it looked like the head started at the muzzle, then simple colour changes for the orange and black.  I think I prefer mine with the horizontal stripes and the 3-D muzzle, now to work on a pattern set for the babies, tiger, and a couple more baby animals!

BUT, that leads me back to my first question, WHICH PROJECT NEXT?