Monday, July 13, 2015

Has it been *That* long??

I guess it has, last published Sept of 2014.   My how my poor blog has been neglected.
So, quick sum-up:
Still here.
Still crocheting (although not as much, sadly)
Working on a new pattern, though I have been working on it for months.  And I think I have misplaced my hand-written scribbles.
Finally going through some of my craft supplies, which was my New Year's Resolution.  Only took half a year...

I do have to be honest, though, I started out looking for a pattern that I am sure I still have, which I never did find.  Hey, if you happen to know which magazine (I am convinced it was one of the digest sized ones) or an online site where I can find it, feel free to comment:  it is a long potholder, crocheted using 2 or 3 strands of cotton held together.  One long piece, tapered at each end, with two short pieces, also tapered, that are joined at each end to form pockets for your hands to fit into.

Anyway, didn't find that, but did find some 'treasures' in a plastic bin I brought up to dig through.  Some baby dresses that I may work on at some point, some Hass Design patterns that I had forgotten about, and a few booklets that seem to be hard to find.  A couple of which are selling for considerably more than they did originally.  Finally, after seeing others discover such treasures, I have some myself. 
I started listing some on eBay, and some in my Etsy shop.
Crochet Ornament Toppers was one of the surprises, being unable to find many at all for sale, the one I did find is listed at almost $60 US.  Figured I'd try a bit lower on eBay and see if there are nibbles:

And one so far in my Etsy shop:

I have a week of "stay-cation", so am hoping to at least get through this bin.  It will be brutal, even after listing, that little voice in my head is whispering "Are you sure?  You might want to make these some day!"  I think you know how it is.