Friday, December 14, 2007

It's all in the wrist....

A month or so ago, and I can't remember where I'd heard about it, there was a pancake offered for sale on eBay. Not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill, plain-jane pancake, but it had an IMAGE in it. A religious image. I think it sold for over $20 (boy, wouldn't that cover the cost of a box of mix??), then for some reason, was re-listed, with the reason they wanted to accept paypal only. Not sure of the story behind that part...
I just had to show it to my husband. All the signs around us everyday that no one pays much attention to, so apparently God had decided he would put an image on a pancake. Risk having someone hack this miracle into pieces, chew, swallow, digest and...well, we'll just leave the digestive process here. However, this sign was not destined for such a fate. Evidently, it was destined to be sold on eBay, boxed up, sent across country (uh...time sensitive stuff in that box!), where the recipient...well, how on earth do you display a pancake? Even one with a religious image cooked into it???

Now, I said to my husband "I could make one of these". We didn't have pancakes for a few weeks, then last weekend while making pancakes, I remembered this eBay listing, and thought I would try for a sign of the season. The winter season. A snowman. However, after I flipped my creation, I noticed that he (she?) kinda looked like an angel.
My husband and I looked at this pancake. What to do? List it on eBay? Perhaps write out the instructions and offer PDF's for sale??? So, we ATE it. Put it to its best use.

I am NOT saying the 'original' religious pancake was purposely created, just saying that it is possible to do it. And saying that it's probably best not to pay a lot of money for a religious pancake that could, possibly, NOT be a sign from God, but a sign from the eBay seller that they need money.

How to do it? Well, my batter was a little runnier than I usually make it, so it flowed a little faster than I wanted, and I used a large spoon (an icing bag would have been better--more control). Simply drizzle the batter into a shape you want into your prepared, pre-heated fry pan, let sit for just a few seconds to let this 'set' a bit, then pour the pancake batter on top. From the top, you will now have your ordinary, plain-jane pancake, but flip it over....

Wow. No PDF, no $ involved. Now for a little note: I do believe in signs, I do have faith, so please don't think I'm a satanist, or an atheist, or that I'm poking fun at religion. I just have a hard time believing the pancake bit. Or the grilled cheese sandwich a while back...another item, I just have to ask: HOW DO YOU DISPLAY IT????

Sunday, December 02, 2007

And the winner is...

I put all the names of those who entered into a 'Santa Hat' and asked my 10yo to draw a name. The winner is: Debi! And as soon as Yahoo will let me open that email message, I'll be able to reply to it to let her know. Debi, if you read this, please email me with a different subject line, anything but contest. Seems 3 messages with 'contest' as the subject line are un-openable right now, although I was able to open them when they came in! Aaargh.

The names of the patterns, as listed on my site:
Sugar Cookies
Sandy Plumberry the Elf
Elf Gift pouches (actually have no name on my site)
Snowman Gift Tote (no-name)
Animal Ornaments (two ornaments)
Lion Stocking
and Jack Frost (free pattern)
and Sweetie the Snowflake (free pattern)

I thank those who entered, and hope for even more entries next time!