Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Update on my little mommy to be!

I've kept an eye on 'our' little robin friend and her nest. While she's been away, I have checked a couple of times, and as of last check, she has two eggs in her nest. I wait until she's nowhere around, and I know she will not 'smell' my scent on the eggs, I've done reading and know that's an old myth.

As for tree swallows that were checking out one of the decorated birdhouses along our front porch: I'm not sure exactly what they're up to. First, they removed all the long grass bits and thin twigs that my husband had put in there. I thought they stole it. But, they're still hanging around, and I did see one of them bringing something INTO the bird house. They are absolutely beautiful tiny birds, and their 'warbling' is so sweet to the ear! I am hoping they do nest there.

On a crochet note: for all you crocheters who start early for Christmas, I have a limited time special: 6 of my more popular Christmas patterns for about 50% off the regular retail of $13.85. Sale price for all 6 is only $6.95. Printed version is available for $8.95, which includes postage fee. Interested? Here it is:

Friday, May 26, 2006

My little tree

Now, one of my major pet peeves is seeing all the big, air cleaning trees being cut down to make room for wider streets, MORE streets, MORE buildings, and (around here it's just awful) greenhouse complexes that blind you in the sunlight. But that's not all: then, people wonder why we have so many smog alert days in the summer?????

Two years ago, the town did an overhaul on our street, new sewers, new street, and most of the tall, existing trees were cut down. What did they replace them with? TWIGS. 8 foot tall TWIGS.

This year, I looked at our little, and thought that it really needed a bird nest. So, I starting playing around with a picture in my mind, figuring out what I was going to use, how I was going to use it. Now, I don't need to (although I still could), as a mother robin is building a nest in the tree. What surprises me is that the tree is so close to the street, not to mention so close to the ground and the people that pass by. Not that we're downtown, but people still do occasionally walk past, and children certainly do play.

I will be watching that nest, and hoping nothing bad happens to mother or babies. And if eggs are laid and hatched, I will watch as I've done before, and be amazed at how often the parent birds fly off and return with food for the babies.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Christening Gowns done

Yippeee! I am finally done the two christening/baptismal gowns for an order. I am quite happy with the way they turned out, I just hope the woman who ordered them is as happy! For the two gowns, it took 2 weeks, which could have been less if it weren't for: work, being forced by my 10yo to design something for her gameboy advance sp--watch my site for the pattern in June--AND that yucky 'H' word...housework.
This is NOT my own pattern, so I cannot share, but I can tell you where to purchase the pattern (and the seller has several other baby dresses listed):
I will say, although the pattern is very well written, there were a few discrepancies which might provide difficulty for a new crocheter. On a few rows/rounds, stitch counts were off. Decreasing on the booties was vague, but not a problem for a more advanced crocheter. Brackets showing repeats were in the wrong place, but again, if you're not new to crocheting, it would only take a few minutes to figure that one out. Overall: I would buy (and do plan on!) more patterns by Rebecca-Leigh!
Now, for the pics:

For the flowers, the pattern called for ribbon roses, but I could not find any. The solution? Small silk flowers. I dismantled them, removing all plastic parts of the individual flower, then sewed them on using a bead in the centre of the flower. The buttons on the back of the dress (not shown) are pearl shank buttons. I just couldn't imagine any other button on the gown!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Victoria Day

A beautiful day for a holiday, the sun is shining, birds are squawking warnings to my cat who is prowling outside...
I'm currently working on christening gowns for an order, and am quite happy with the way they are turning out. I had purchased the patterns on ebay, and for the most part, they are well written, but I don't think I would recommend this one to a beginner as it's written. Some stitch counts are off, brackets are in the wrong place in one or two places...but nothing too difficult to overcome.
I've realized it's May 22nd, and that of the 4 patterns I need designed and typed up by June 5th: I have 1/2 of one set done (gameboy advance sp covers), and about 1/3 of another pattern (bride toilet tissue cover). And I have two comfortghans to assemble quickly...which wouldn't bother me too much, except there's that ucky 'W' word: WORK.
One of these days, I WILL have enough time to design extra patterns to send to a magazine. Certainly, after spending a lot of money on advertising in Crochet World (with no noticeable increase in traffic!), it'd be nice to get money FROM them, lol!
And that's about it for today, not that I had much to say, but figured I should pop in now and then to post something!