Saturday, January 30, 2010

It just hit me....

I think my months' long 'affair' with Card Services may have come to an end.  I don't think I've gotten ANY calls from them this week.  Either they don't love me anymore...or...dare I hope...they've been SHUT DOWN?
I think the last couple of calls did not go well.
The second last one that I picked up, was just before my last blog post about this affair.
The very last one, I picked up the phone, hit '0' as I usually do, turned the tv up loudly (but not too loudly--I'm not sure how this works, but I *think* the people that actually call work for another company hired by Card Services--I just want to get the point across that I'M NOT INTERESTED) and set the phone down.  When my contract is up with my phone service provider, I am seriously considering switching, just for the ability to be able to BLOCK numbers.  Geesh, what a service NOT to have.  And while I'm at it, wouldn't it be nice to have a phone that could automatically detect robo-diallers from solicitors and re-route the call back to someone else's computer at the same centre?????

Ahhh, well, to get on with my card services free life (oooh, hopefully it remains so!).

I am currently working on 25 babies in blankets shower favours that will soon be shipped overseas.  The request from the customer has me thinking about different babies now...
Working last night on the baby 'body', I was marking the rounds with a short piece of light blue yarn.  When I return to that today, I think I'll change the blue yarn, because the blue showing against the peach coloured flesh and the white body spoke to me.  Kind of like Harry Potter was the only one who could hear the basilisk, no one around me heard the yarn.  The words were a little indistinct, but the meaning was clear:  touch me, work with me, make something with me...

And now, to get some coffee going, and...time to make babies!

Monday, January 25, 2010


After procrastinating for some time, and running out of room to put the new boxes of yarns coming in--even though they are small boxes!--for projects I have to do, I have finally started listing some of the supplies I am not going to use on Etsy.  So far, one lot of doll heads and about 6 listings for yarn and threads.
Some pics:

And another one, 100% cabled cotton:

And a few more.  Click on the pictures to go to the listing in  my shop.  I'm hoping these find homes, especially at less than half the retail price!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just an Update

A few months ago, I took over as team leader for our Etsyhookers team--you really should check us out.
I've just updated our blog there with the first entries for our Creative Challenge #8, and looking forward to seeing what else my fellow team mates have come up with.

My relationship with Card Services seems to be long-lasting.  After requesting several times to be removed (but they can't do it because it's in the 'system'--okay, find me someone WHO CAN!), and finally snapping and yelling at one woman (believe me it takes a LOT to make me yell) now instead of a weekly phone call or two, I'm getting more each week.  Last one, I pressed '9' to talk to someone, set the phone down beside me while I typed and listened to the spiel about 'you have pressed 1 to lower your interest rates?' followed by a 'hello....hello...'.  So THAT'S what I sound like when those idiotic PITA robo-diallers call me and there's no one there to follow through with the call.
Honestly, would it be kind of stupid for me in Canada to consolidate all my credit cards with an American company who has to resort to harrassing people for business??

I have been rejoicing in the return of my creative muse.  Although hubby doesn't seem too happy.  I think he was beginning to enjoy not having yarn staring at him wherever he turns in the house.  (Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, although he might disagree)  But, I'm happy.  I now have three projects on the go, one of which I can't remember right now what it is....and have another one I'm about to start today for an order.  Plus, an attempt at felting a basket I'd designed didn't yield the results I wanted, so I am planning on re-working it.  Though that's not high on my priority list.


Monday, January 11, 2010

It's beginning to look lot like winter...

Finally! A little late for Christmas, but the snow does look so nice on the ground. I'll just not think of how it will look when it melts and my dogs try and track dirty slush into the house.
I was working on some Valentine items, but got sidetracked by The Ruins, written by Scott Smith. I'm not one to get nightmares from reading--not even from Stephen King (but sshhhh, don't tell him that!)--but after only a couple of chapters I was so wrapped up in the atmosphere I actually had a nightmare. One of those ones that wake you fully up and make you want to stay awake until the memory of it fades. The funny thing is, I hadn't read a single 'scary' thing!

Anyway, I did finish this Rock People Valentine couple:

have the set listed in my Etsy shop (click on picture to see the listing) and am now working on a pair of pink fuzzy lips, which will hopefully soon join the couple.

Friday, January 08, 2010

They're Still Here...

Aaaargh! After yet another call from that lovely voice telling me they've tried to reach me on several occasions to lower my interest rates and that this is my 'final chance' (geez, sound familiar? Seems they're calling weekly now with these final chances!)...I talked to 'George'.
He informed me that he *could* remove my name/number, but I might still get accidental calls, since it's in the system?!? But that if I press "2" instead of "1" to talk to someone, it will automatically remove my name.
Uh huh. I've heard differently.

When I asked contact info, the guy couldn't give me much, except for 'Card Services'. He had no phone number. I informed him that in Canada, solicitors are required to be able to give me all that contact info. Also informed him that after a request to be removed, I should not get any calls from them.
Of course, since they're not in Canada, they're probably not all too concerned.

I have filed a complaint with the CRTC, not sure if anything will come of it, but in the meantime, I may just follow some of the advice to get rid of annoying solicitors.
**Please note, I am NOT rude to all solicitors--wasn't even rude to 'George'-- (don't regard this as an invite to call, however!), since I know a lot of the companies that do call are legit, and WILL remove me from their list when asked. And I do know that the solicitors are merely doing their job, so I do try to be polite (even told 'George' that it was nothing against him personally), unless they start to get pushy and rude first.
And calling me at least once a week to try to get my credit card number(s) after being asked not to does count as pushy.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Helping someone up off the ice is bullying?!

First, the one local grade school has a VERY strict 'NBC--no body contact' (not to be confused with 'KPS--keep personal space').
Last night, my 12yo came home, a friend of hers had slipped on some ice, so 'A' and another friend were helping her up. A teacher saw this, and reminded them of the 'NBC' rule. Huh? So, the poor kid's supposed to slip and struggle to get up herself?
I wholeheartedly agree with no hitting, slapping, throwing snowballs, etc (although we grew up having snowball fights and turned out fine--I think!). But geesh, this is going just a bit too far. I worry that rules like this are going to turn our kids into cold-hearted individuals. Or that we're going to raise a society of what once would have been called 'tattletales', informing on the least offensive acts, and unable to cope for themselves.
I know of one girl who was suspended for 3 days because she touched another girl's earring. Not trying to hurt her, even.
With anti-bullying as well, the kids are taught at school that if another child wants to play with them and they say's BULLYING. Huh? Kids don't always get along. To force someone to play with a kid that they don't really get along with is just plain mean (talk about bullying). My oldest had a teacher once that the day she started filling in for their regular teacher, had them write a piece about another student. With no need for talking: since they'd been going to school with the assigned student for 9 years, they should know all about them, including siblings, likes/dislikes...
Uh...not everyone gets along (gee, is there an echo?). To me, I'd just be happy that they're not beating the crap out of the other kid and not be worried that they don't know personal details.

I do agree that something has to be done about bullying, but wow, I do think they've gone too far when you can't lend a helping hand to someone who's fallen.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Determination, Watch out One Specific Telemarketing company

I swear, the 'Do Not Call' requests give you more calls.
I have one 'company' that calls every couple of weeks. Something about I'm paying too much interest on my credit card, and this is my FINAL notice to lower my rates. After hanging up on these automated messages I finally chose one time to actually talk to someone.
Me=Me, TS=Telephone Solicitor

Me: "So...which credit card company are you calling from?"
TS: "Oh, we're not a credit card company, we're actually a financial institution..."
Me: "Oh-ho! Then, take me off your list. You know, your automated announcement is VERY deceptive, btw."
TS: "Okay, we'll remove you from the list."

Few weeks later, another call...
TS: "You wish to lower your interest rates?"
Me: "No, I want you to remove my name from your calling list."
TS: "....." Uh, wait, there was nothing, they HUNG UP ON ME!!!! (How's that for customer service?!)

Several weeks (and calls) later:
TS: "You chose '(whatever number)' to lower your interest rates..."
Me: "Actually, no, I clicked '0' to talk to someone. I've requested before to be removed from the list. I've also had someone hang up on me when I requested to be removed from the list."
TS: "I'm sorry about that, I'll remove your name now"

Few weeks later:
My daughter answered. For those old enough to remember the briefly-lived 'Valley Girl' trend, she used one of those voices. Complete with 'Like' (and not bad, considering she's 14 and is blissfully ignorant of the 'Valley Girl')
She was hung up on.

So, my new determination.
Next time, and I am SURE there will be one, I will talk to a person, politely ask what company and their contact information (which by law here, they HAVE to give me), then ask to speak to a supervisor (and hope to get one and not get hung up on) to let them know I will be reporting their company. To the BBB as well as the CRTC, which may or may not result in them losing their phone lines. We can only hope.

Some interesting reading for those who are in Canada and ticked off about telemarketers--and even getting dead air when you answer the phone: apparently the CRTC has rules about that too!!! Though due to the large number of such calls that I receive, I think some of these telemarketing companies are fudging their books.