Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just an Update

A few months ago, I took over as team leader for our Etsyhookers team--you really should check us out.
I've just updated our blog there with the first entries for our Creative Challenge #8, and looking forward to seeing what else my fellow team mates have come up with.

My relationship with Card Services seems to be long-lasting.  After requesting several times to be removed (but they can't do it because it's in the 'system'--okay, find me someone WHO CAN!), and finally snapping and yelling at one woman (believe me it takes a LOT to make me yell) now instead of a weekly phone call or two, I'm getting more each week.  Last one, I pressed '9' to talk to someone, set the phone down beside me while I typed and listened to the spiel about 'you have pressed 1 to lower your interest rates?' followed by a 'hello....hello...'.  So THAT'S what I sound like when those idiotic PITA robo-diallers call me and there's no one there to follow through with the call.
Honestly, would it be kind of stupid for me in Canada to consolidate all my credit cards with an American company who has to resort to harrassing people for business??

I have been rejoicing in the return of my creative muse.  Although hubby doesn't seem too happy.  I think he was beginning to enjoy not having yarn staring at him wherever he turns in the house.  (Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, although he might disagree)  But, I'm happy.  I now have three projects on the go, one of which I can't remember right now what it is....and have another one I'm about to start today for an order.  Plus, an attempt at felting a basket I'd designed didn't yield the results I wanted, so I am planning on re-working it.  Though that's not high on my priority list.


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