Friday, January 08, 2010

They're Still Here...

Aaaargh! After yet another call from that lovely voice telling me they've tried to reach me on several occasions to lower my interest rates and that this is my 'final chance' (geez, sound familiar? Seems they're calling weekly now with these final chances!)...I talked to 'George'.
He informed me that he *could* remove my name/number, but I might still get accidental calls, since it's in the system?!? But that if I press "2" instead of "1" to talk to someone, it will automatically remove my name.
Uh huh. I've heard differently.

When I asked contact info, the guy couldn't give me much, except for 'Card Services'. He had no phone number. I informed him that in Canada, solicitors are required to be able to give me all that contact info. Also informed him that after a request to be removed, I should not get any calls from them.
Of course, since they're not in Canada, they're probably not all too concerned.

I have filed a complaint with the CRTC, not sure if anything will come of it, but in the meantime, I may just follow some of the advice to get rid of annoying solicitors.
**Please note, I am NOT rude to all solicitors--wasn't even rude to 'George'-- (don't regard this as an invite to call, however!), since I know a lot of the companies that do call are legit, and WILL remove me from their list when asked. And I do know that the solicitors are merely doing their job, so I do try to be polite (even told 'George' that it was nothing against him personally), unless they start to get pushy and rude first.
And calling me at least once a week to try to get my credit card number(s) after being asked not to does count as pushy.

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