Monday, July 21, 2008

That's one big lobster! followed by...That's one big toy!

Bubba the lobster caught my attention while I was scanning news headlines. A 22 lb lobster who is believed to be 100 years old.
Story can be found here. I'd give you a link to a Yahoo news story, but lately, most of the links end in an error page.
My opinion on Bubba? To the people who wanted to buy him for up to $3, Yes, it's a big lobster, and yes, people love lobster...but the thing has lived 100 years, he doesn't deserve to end up in a pot.
And to the animal right's activist who wanted to buy him to set him free, where was she when all the other lobsters were sold for food? That aside, setting him free would have been a nice idea, but I really don't think the woman thought it through. With people knowing there was a gi-normous lobster out there, the poor guy would be hunted. He'd be on the hit list of every lobster-loving, bib-wearing fanatic out there...and on most fishermen's list who would dream of the thousands someone would pay for Bubba's capture.

Speaking of big things, can you imagine approaching one of those toy machines where you (try to) scoop up a stuffed animal for a small price and finding a toy the size of a 3yo? Oh, hold IS a 3yo!! Story, btw is here,(video) with prior attempts at becoming a living doll here. and here. Oh, and here. Guess it's more common than I thought!

Anyway, with the newest incident, after the child was retrieved from the machine (without aid of the claw, I hope), store owners opened the machine up and allowed the girl to choose a toy for herself and her sister. I wholeheartedly agree with the reporter's comment about rewarding bad behaviour.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rainbow Challenge

What fun, a challenge! I'd recently joined the Etsy Hookers team at (of course) Etsy. Friendly lot of crocheters, and it's so nice to be part of a team.
This challenge: to create something using 5 of the 7 colours of the rainbow. To see the entries (voting starts July 9th) visit here.
My entry, and she was such fun to make:Felicia, from Latin meaning happiness.
I had someone ask where I'd gotten the African American head/hands sets because she couldn't find them anywhere. Know what? I checked the places I knew of online, and couldn't find any either. Other heads/hands in various yarn hair colours, but no African American.
If you know of any sources, drop me a line and let me know, and if the other crocheter is still looking I can pass it on.

Aaaargh to Telephone Spam

Not so much the solicitors, I do try to be polite when I tell them NO because I know they're just trying to earn a wage. Of course, once they start to get pushy, it's no holds barred!
Last night, after NUMEROUS messages on my machine from a sickeningly cheerful voice telling me to push '1' to lower my credit card's interest rates...I actually took this call and pushed 1.
A very heavily accented voice answered. Now, I'm good with accents, normally don't have a problem, but this was HEAVY.
Before he could get started, I asked him which credit card he was calling about.
"Oh, no, we're not a credit card. We're a financial institution telling you how to lower your interest rates on your Visa and Mastercard."
"Okay, so are NOT my Visa or my Mastercard?" (Says I knowing full well the answer)
"No, we're a financial institution..."
"Just take me off your list!" And I hung up.
The nerve of these companies calling, making you think they are calling from YOUR credit card company to sell their services. Gee, phone spam!

I don't do surveys by phone either. That one after being suckered in.
She: "If you could please help us with a survey..." (yes, it was a legitimate one)
Me: "Well, okay, as long as it's not a long one."
"Oh, no, it'll just take a couple of minutes."
Half an hour later, my baby was getting fussy. I interrupted and said "Look, I have to go, I have a hungry baby here."
"Can we call you back to finish?"
"Sure..." thinking they're not gonna call.
They DID call. I told them outright I was NOT going to finish it. After being told it would just take a couple of minutes and answering questions for HALF AN HOUR, then finding out I'd have to spend MORE time...forget it. For such a lengthy survey, I told them, they should mail it out (this was several years ago, before computers and especially email were so widespread)
I've learned my lesson. NO phone surveys.