Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hot Days of Summer!

I've been looking through my items in the basement, and it would be nice to clear some out to make room for more stock.  (Those 'Small Space' tv  shows are a joke, some of them can fit my whole downstairs in their living room!!  Some of the closets they show are twice as big as my standing room only bathroom)
So...I thought I would post some of my afghans on FB groups I am a member of at a 25% discount.  Then I thought:  "Why not go all out?"  And...I created a coupon code for 25% off everything in my shop with a minimum purchase of only $20 required.  Enter coupon code "hazydays25" (no quotes) when checking out:  feel free to contact me there or here if you run into difficulty during the checkout process.
Please note:  coupon code is not valid on shipping.