Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ghoulish Fun

Have I mentioned I LOVE fall and Hallowe'en? Now and then, this twisted little voice inside spurs me to do something a little...well..twisted. This month, it was my Eye Scream. So far, I've done two flavours, Putrid Pistachio and Revolting Raspberry Ripple. These ones sport body parts and tapeworm topping or deep-fried worms. (I ran out of 'fresh' worm colour)
I also thought my Dismembered Digits would be nice stuck in some Eye Scream. Other flavours we thought of (my 10yo and I had fun coming up with some, I just wish I'd written them down then!) were: Moldering Mint Chip, Sickening Strawberry, Gross Grape.
Pattern is now available in my Etsy store, and will be available on my site within the next 2 days.
Also available this month are Witch Frizzy Head (witch costume for 32" 'walking' dolls), a Sugar N Spice Baby Afghan, and Sugar (I made Gingerbread) Cookies.

Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving always kind of jumps out at me from just around the corner, and I never seem to have a pattern for it. Maybe next year, or maybe in time for the American Thanksgiving!