Saturday, March 25, 2006

Woohoo! Easter is on its way! These are my 'Egghead buddies', who, like most of my creations, tend to remain nameless. Duckie on the left has a tail at the back, as does Bunny on the right.
Just finished: an Easter egg small purse for little girls. Decorated with beads and eyelash yarn while I watched Corpse Bride (for the second time in two days). Warning, when this pattern is available, there are over 20 ends to weave in.
Still on the hook: what will most likely be a large twin-size afghan, constructed with strips of squares. Not too manly, not too feminine (well, it could be depending on colours you choose to make it in!), but again, lots of ends to weave in. You might get the idea I *like* weaving in all those tails. NOT. But, I take time throughout the afghan (I am not a weave-in-as-you-go person), to sigh, pick up a large-eyed sewing needle, and challenge myself to weave in the ends. When it's a challenge, it goes so much easier.

I must say, I was flattered to find so many people interested in my Easter Marshmallow chick and bunny. That in response to my posting my Easter page when someone was looking for a crocheted marshmallow peep pattern. I have to try some of these in thread, for a project I'm working on. Must say, I do prefer the real marshmallow edible form. I've seen people use them as jewellery, and, well, I'll take mine without shellac.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Great Tim Horton's Unroll the Rim

Such hooplah this year over a simple unroll the rim to win contest. First, some unionized workers in this area (BIG automotive industry here) are steamed that TH's is offering a Toyota as their big prize. Okay, it maybe could be one of the 'Big Three', but considering Toyota employs people in Canada, and they plan on building another plant in Ontario. Okay, one argument is the vehicle offered isn't even built in Canada...but I was told the PT Cruiser that was offered a couple of years ago wasn't built here either. Built in Mexico. Funny, don't remember hearing a thing about that.
Yes, we're big on the automotive industry here, but how about the rest of Canada that is offering the same unroll the rim prize? How many Big Three plants are in Alberta? BC? PEI???
Many are thinking that TH's is a Canadian franchise. Used to be, but not no more. Ohio-based Wendy's purchased it in 1995.
Some die-hard CAW guys are claiming that if they win the vehicle, they'll just throw the cup away. Yup. Sure. Let me see you unroll the big winner and watch you stick to your moral high-horse. I be thinking you'll take a tumble.
Besides, if you throw the cup out, a couple of kids might find it and their families would argue over just who gets the vehicle. (Smart thing...SELL the darned thing, split the money.)
Similar thing happened in Quebec with a 10yo finding a cup that hadn't been unrolled. He/she had difficulty opening it, so asked a 12yo. What are the odds??? The cup won the vehicle! And of course, the families are arguing. I say, grow up, compromise.
BUT (isn't there always one of those) now the guy who thinks he threw the cup out has hired a lawyer. The Guy is remaining nameless, although wouldn't you want to be nameless if you had stupidly thrown the cup out and then, even more stupidly, try to lay claim with DNA testing???
A judge should laugh in his face (boy, do I wish I could!!!) and tell him it's his tough luck. Yes, stupid mistake, and yes, he'll be kicking himself in the keister for some time to come, but HE THREW THE CUP OUT. No longer his.
This is taking "I'm not responsible for my own actions, so I'll sue" to a different level. choose to drink too much, you choose to drive, but the bartender and bar can be held liable. You choose to smoke, develop a related illness, and blame the tobacco companies, who must have held a gun to your head to get you to start in the first place. You spill hot coffee on your lap while driving, it's not your fault. The restaurant made you put that cup between your legs while trying to drive. (Which led some take-out restaurants to put a ridiculous: 'Caution, contents are hot' on their cups)
Speaking of coffee, reallly think it's time for my own. Am curious, does anyone side with the lunatic who wants the garbage back that he threw out???

Monday, March 13, 2006

Everything Green!

I'd been debating sometime in the future doing themes for each month's patterns. Some are obvious: Christmas, Hallowe'en, St. Patrick's Day...but I had also thought of picking a colour, or room, or maybe even a mood.
This month, besides having St. Patrick's Day, wound up being GREEN. Crochet-wise!
A leprechaun toilet roll cover (I thought he was cute, my husband and daughters thought he looked evil--I know leprechaun's can be tricky, but evil???), a green and white outfit for 4 1/2" dolls, a clover doily and a spring green dress for those 36" tall walking dolls. That dress and story is a previous entry.
I've started Easter stuff now, working on some Eggheads. Crochet and computer time might be a little tricky this week with March break. Not that we're doing much, but between work and having kids home, my week's out of whack.
I am hoping some day to make enough money from my patterns/crochet to cut back my hours at work. And dreaming of the day when I could have a room just for hobbies. I'd share it, of course! Computer could be in it, coffee pot, shelves with baskets of yarn and supplies...I'd even settle for an over-the-garage room. Ahhhh...
Nuts. Time to wake up. And return to my small living room to work on my Eggheads and have some coffee.