Friday, May 23, 2008

My first Allieghan

Scratch that, our first Allieghan. My 10yo loves making graphics on the computer (see Mother's Day post for one), and a few months ago, she did an adorable lion. I thought it would make a great note card, or even a cute afghan! Truthfully, the card would have been easier. No twisting of yarns in the back=no pulling out my hair when I had to cut and untangle and start 'fresh'.

Allie is quite happy, she will be getting a part of all pattern sales.
Next up is the turtle she drew, or I might try and do other animals based on her style...or better yet, ask her to do the animals. She draws, I tweak and crochet.
The afghan is worked in sc from a coloured chart. You must know how to do colour changes, although basic colour change instructions are given. App. size using worsted weight yarn and a 5mm (H) hook is 36 x 32". The pattern will be available June 5th at its regular price of $3.95, but is available for pre-order for $2.95 until then. Pattern will be sent June 5th when it is available as a PDF attachment in an email to the address provided by paypal. If you would like it sent to a different address, please state this in 'notes'.
To pre-order at this special price, just click on the paypal button:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bells and Whistles

Well, more like rings and whistles.

The ring. I have a cell phone. I use it only when I go out, and my daughter uses it when she goes out so if she needs us, she can reach us. 50 cents for a payphone is ridiculous. This afternoon, my cell rings. Strange, cause my daughter and all her friends are in school. No one I know has my number, other than my husband (and of course my daughters) and he knows I'm at home.
I answer:
Him: Yes, could I speak to Holly please. (We've gotten calls for this mysterious Holly before)
Me: I'm sorry, this isn't Holly's cell phone number any more.
Him: Well, this is student loans. Do you have a number where we can reach her?
Me (kinda laughing): Uh, well, when you buy a cell phone and they assign you a number, they don't tell you who all has had the number before you. (Not to mention give you their new numbers)
Him: Oh, I'm sorry!
Me: Not a problem, we've gotten a few calls for her.

Now for the whistles.
Bird whistles. Or trills...the tree swallows are back nesting this year. This time, they've moved one birdhouse over on our front porch, and have chosen the one that's about 4-5 feet directly across from our front door. I peeked in today, and I'm not sure, but I think I saw a tiny, smooth little white egg in amidst the feathers!

Now, if my sunflower seeds grow, I might get visits from an American Goldfinch, last time I had sunflowers, we saw the little guy daily.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all moms! My creative daughter played around on the computer and made me this picture that I just have to share:

Right now, she's plugging in the iron so someone can iron her latest perler bead creation, another Mother's Day gift.

My day was going to be spent gardening, but I heard the weather forecast for today and it just didn't look good! So, I did my work yesterday. My front garden was weeded (again), we put in more dirt, and I finally planted the bulbs I'd bought, although I may have to buy new Peruvian Daffodils since the bulbs had gone soft in their packaging. Ugh. My husband didn't like the flowers, they're a little out of the ordinary! If I get any to grow, I'll have to take pictures.
Also planted some gladiolus along the back of the front garden, hopefully they'll help hide the ugly area under the porch. A couple of mini pumpkin vines, cukes, carrots, purple-ish daisies and some flowers I don't know the name of.

Although it's Mother's Day, someone still has to do the laundry, guess that'll be me! I'm sure I'll enjoy the day anyway, it'd be great if my daughters didn't argue for the day but I certainly won't be holding my breath!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Father's Day is Coming!

Am I odd? Am I strange? Inspiration for 2 of this month's patterns came from a Canadian Tire flyer. It happened to be laying there, open to the tire page...and one of those lightning bolts that I love so much hit me. First came the New Wheels for Dad, then this Making Tracks Set. Both are ideal for the kitchen, not to mention outdoors at a barbecue! I did find myself looking at cars' hubcaps more than usual. Usual being almost never.

I was definitely on a cotton kick, and I do blame
Elmore-Pisgah for that. And for the hard time I had refraining from buying MORE cotton until I used up some of the stuff I already have. Although I am sadly in need of a few bright colours...the remaining two patterns this month are also cotton. Of course, you could use worsted weight acrylic, but I prefer cotton for its absorbency.

These two patterns, as well as a StarFlower Kitchen Set and the aforementioned New Wheels for Dad are available now on my site.

Mourning the Loss of Yet Another Hook

And this one so young! I had very recently purchased a G+ hook (4.5mm) from Sharky's through Etsy. A lovely corian hook in a lavender speckle colour. So smooth to work with, so nice to the touch...
Two days ago, I reached for my jar to pull out the hook, and alas, the handle came, but no hook. Somehow, the hook had broken off. Somewhere, there is a tiny little hook.
This is the second G+ hook that has broken, although the first was admittedly my fault. Never use a wooden hook to 'pry up' a stitch to loosen it. Heed my words, they may save innocent hooks.
Today, a 4mm hook came in the mail, my purchase from G3Studios on eBay. Oh, my goodness! So absolutely light! I've only tried it a bit, but do like the shape of it. It doesn't twist in my hand like round hooks do, so I'm not constantly turning it back to position the hook properly for the next stitch. And it makes a lovely whispering sound when crocheting with cotton, like the hook is talking to me.
Unfortunately, a new 4.5mm hook may have to wait a bit. I may even have to stick with the good ol' metal or plastic hooks, since this size for me seems to be jinxed.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Okay, now THIS is something I would never crochet

After having nothing to write about really for a while, I finally found something...

Faithfully checking Annie's Attic for the free pattern, like I do almost every day....I saw a pop up of what is one of the ugliest things I've seen. Forget socks and sandals...socks and...FLIP FLOPS?? Ugh.
Now, these are knit, and you can have what looks like one single pattern for $7.99. If you're willing to make the fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals. Looks like not everyone shares my taste, there's only 7 left.
While you're there purchasing one of the last few patterns (or even just grimacing) over the flip socks, check out the Sling Socks, also $7.99 for one pattern that looks like an MP3 player cover for your feet.