Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Father's Day is Coming!

Am I odd? Am I strange? Inspiration for 2 of this month's patterns came from a Canadian Tire flyer. It happened to be laying there, open to the tire page...and one of those lightning bolts that I love so much hit me. First came the New Wheels for Dad, then this Making Tracks Set. Both are ideal for the kitchen, not to mention outdoors at a barbecue! I did find myself looking at cars' hubcaps more than usual. Usual being almost never.

I was definitely on a cotton kick, and I do blame
Elmore-Pisgah for that. And for the hard time I had refraining from buying MORE cotton until I used up some of the stuff I already have. Although I am sadly in need of a few bright colours...the remaining two patterns this month are also cotton. Of course, you could use worsted weight acrylic, but I prefer cotton for its absorbency.

These two patterns, as well as a StarFlower Kitchen Set and the aforementioned New Wheels for Dad are available now on my site.


minky996 said...

the tire afghan is so awesome!!! before I read it, I thought, "that looks like tire marks!!" Awesome Job!!!

minky996 said...
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