Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mourning the Loss of Yet Another Hook

And this one so young! I had very recently purchased a G+ hook (4.5mm) from Sharky's through Etsy. A lovely corian hook in a lavender speckle colour. So smooth to work with, so nice to the touch...
Two days ago, I reached for my jar to pull out the hook, and alas, the handle came, but no hook. Somehow, the hook had broken off. Somewhere, there is a tiny little hook.
This is the second G+ hook that has broken, although the first was admittedly my fault. Never use a wooden hook to 'pry up' a stitch to loosen it. Heed my words, they may save innocent hooks.
Today, a 4mm hook came in the mail, my purchase from G3Studios on eBay. Oh, my goodness! So absolutely light! I've only tried it a bit, but do like the shape of it. It doesn't twist in my hand like round hooks do, so I'm not constantly turning it back to position the hook properly for the next stitch. And it makes a lovely whispering sound when crocheting with cotton, like the hook is talking to me.
Unfortunately, a new 4.5mm hook may have to wait a bit. I may even have to stick with the good ol' metal or plastic hooks, since this size for me seems to be jinxed.

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