Monday, January 26, 2009

I warned him!

Last week, after having this feeling for almost 2 weeks, I told my husband about this overwhelming feeling that I was going to be in the car and be hit. I wasn't sure if I was alone, or if I was even driving, but I was sure that it would NOT be the fault of the driver of the car I was in...and it wouldn't be serious. I told my sister this, too.
Saturday, after shopping at a mall in Windsor, as we were waiting at the exit for the light to change to green, WHAM. We were hit from behind. The sound made it seem so much worse, but the damage is just to the bumper. The poor young girl driving was so upset, she'd just gotten her licence, the sun was (yes, it really was! in ours too) in her eyes and she didn't see us in time. I don't think there was much damage to her mini van, but the bumper on our little Ford Escort is cracked and knocked a little out of place.
She didn't want to go through insurance, said her father was a doctor and maybe we could work something out. We met her father, he seemed honest and did offer to pay for the damages.
Now, before I hear 'Ooooh, bad idea...' we did think this through. Especially after knowing a few people who have been told "Oh, I'll just pay the damages" and then never come through. We do have a week to report this, my husband just took the car in to the garage the girl's father recommended (he gets his own cars worked on there) and the estimate isn't much at all.

I did get to thinking, though, yes, there's got to be trust on our end. But how about the other side? Is the good doctor sitting at home wondering if we're the type to sue for trumped up injuries? Honestly, we're not the sue-over-every-little-thing kind of people. I do not miss work unless necessary, and will not fake an injury to do so. And especially would not fake an injury to sue someone. *If* the accident had been serious, and I was forced to miss work, well, yes, damages and loss of wages would be sought.
But, two days later, not even a bit of soreness. Like I said, the noise made it seem a lot worse than it was!

Afterward, I mentioned to hubby 'Didn't I tell you?' and his reply was something like "Psychics predict vague things, and if something remotely like it happens, they claim credit."
I'm sorry, but I was pretty sure my feeling was not 'vague'. Sure, I didn't know when or where, or even who was driving (hubby was, btw), but hey, I was right about being hit, and about it not being serious wasn't I?

Friday, January 16, 2009

A cold January

It's one cold January, we have had colder, but it's been awhile.
Yesterday, my poor little Escort (stick shift) started easily enough, but then just didn't want to shift gears. This morning, my Focus wouldn't start at all (I didn't want to either, but hey, the bus drove past my daughter who was out there freezing), the Escort did...and really, really didn't want to shift. I needed two hands to get into reverse, then had to keep trying to get into 2nd and NOT 4th.
I'm not complaining, though, it could be worse. And spring is only 2 months away, and milder temps usually come a little sooner than the official launch.

How many have gotten one of those emails 'My client has left you 12 point whatever million dollars'? If they were all true, I swear I'd have all the world's money by now. Most of us are savvy enough not to fall for them, and I think the few that are gullible enough to believe would clue in after having to pay a few thousand dollars for receiving something that is allegedly theirs in the first place.
Not one man. One Leamington, Ontario man fell for it, and for over a year, spent thousands here and there in the hopes of getting his 12 point whatever from some utter stranger. Strange thing is, he claims the 'lawyer' MET with him in England. Behind a hotel, so of course, sneaking around behind a hotel instead of meeting in a law office made it legit.
My husband is sure the guy wasn't scammed, but scammed friends and family himself and is just using this as a cover story. As one comment pointed out, the people who send these emails out do NOT meet with you, they'd be too afraid it was a trap.
I wonder if, after a few months of investigation, if this is what will be discovered. Part of me is hoping hubby's right, otherwise, even the man's friends and family are (pardon me) kind of idiots. I mean, tell me, not ONE said 'No way, dude, clue in, it's a scam.'?
The other part of me is hoping hubby's wrong, cause, well, then I'll hear, "Wasn't I right? Huh, huh?" for some time to come.
Link to an article (btw, the video I watched of this man didn't show me someone who was devastated that he'd been tricked into losing $150,000 of his/his friends', his family's money):
read here.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's a New Year!

And after being unable to keep my eyes open past 9:30 (waking up early to go to work!!), I was able to welcome the new year Wednesday night.

Not that I made it a resolution (I always break those!), but I am trying to update my blog more often. And feature more of my fellow Etsians.

Please note: these pictures are copyrighted and are used here with permission from DesignsByWho. Do NOT copy and use them elsewhere without contacting her for permission.

First of which is DesignsByWho. A wonderful seller, and beautiful work in polymer clay!
I contacted Dee about some flat backed beads she'd made. Could she possibly make these without holes, as I was interested in post earrings? Not only did she make these for me, she ordered earring posts and completed the earrings, saving me looking for the parts and figuring out what glue to use! And I am so happy with them, they're adorable:
And after purchasing my special listing, I found an equally cute pair of Santa earrings that I just had to have. If you like these earrings, click on the pic, there is a similar pair in blue available--if it's sold when you check it out, try contacting Dee for a special order.

With Christmas behind us, DesignsByWho has some spring and Easter themed treasures already listed, click on the pictures to see the listing, and don't forget to check out the rest of her shop!