Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

My new year started out with a bang.  The bang being my left leg hitting cement when my right ankle twisted after stepping on uneven pavement at 1 am New Year's Day.
I did manage to limp home (only a block) with relatively little pain...the pain hit when I removed my shoe once home.  It was only a mild sprain, and knowing it wasn't broken and that a doctor would probably only tell me to ice it and rest it, I went to my chiropractor who adjusted it.  And did suggest icing.  It could have been much worse:  I could have broken it, or severely sprained it.  I could have cracked my head on the bumper of the van that was right there.  I will admit, I babied it for a couple of days and took those two nights off work.

Because of my good fortune  in avoiding a more serious injury, I dredged up an old coupon code in my Etsy shop.  This will be valid on all items in my shop, excluding shipping, for the entire month of January.  If you purchase this month and enter LUCKY13 as a coupon code, you will save 13% on your purchase at Smudgekitty on Etsy. 


I can't help but wonder if I am the only one who has subscribed to AllFreeCrochet/Hooked on Crochet's newsletters?  I had subscribed to their crochet newsletter as well as their 'special offers'.  Yes, I understand 'special offers' are from their advertisers, but most companies try to send offers that appeal to their subscriber base.
AFC/HoC??  Not so much.  The other day I received an email entitled 'Sugar Shocker Shakes Medical World'.  In the email was a link to an 'underground video'.  I could not believe this had come from the site, but figured they'd been hacked so I contacted them.
Wow.  Imagine my disappointment to hear that they *had* sent the email on behalf of one of their subscribers.  They went on to say that I could unsubscribe if I no longer wished to receive these.  This morning, another, I think it was something about weight loss.  I sort of got the impression that they'd send any crap from anyone as long as they were paid.  As for being a 'special offer'?  It's not so special if I receive several of these daily from spammers.
Not only did I unsubscribe from that newsletter, but also from their crochet one.  I figure anyone who cares so little about their subscribers doesn't want me as one.