Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

I've only just begun, but have several listings on eBay and a few on Etsy. 
The process is tedious:  take a few pics, upload, edit.  Create a new listing, publish....start all over. 
Yes, it will be sad to see all the yarn go, but perhaps I should be happy that it will be going to a new home where someone will love it and use it instead of stashing it away in a dark corner for months.  Years?
So far, I've gone through my cotton yarns and my eyelash yarns, well most of the eyelash, I think I have a bag somewhere, too, but that might just wait for another day...
If anyone is interested in destash yarns, several are available on eBay now.

To clear out my finished items, I do have a coupon code available on Facebook, but I'll share it here as well.  Valid only in my Etsy shop, enter coupon code "fbmay" (minus the quotes) on checking out to save 20% on everything in my shop, destash or completed items.  Feel free to share the code with friends and family that might be looking for crocheted gifts!

All items are included, old, new--even my newest listings like Polychrome the Rainbow's Daughter:
Those who have read L. Frank Baum's books about Oz may recognize the name.