Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oooh, baby...

No, I'm not expecting...and honestly don't know anyone who is! The idea for the baby shower favours hit me, believe it or not, while I was laying in bed with a migraine. That's usually not the time ideas hit. The baby in basket hit me while I was working on the babies in the blankets, one of those lightning bolt ideas I've mentioned before. Pattern will be available soon!

Also coming soon, a new thread Teddy Bear. I kind of like this one, made 3 now, 1 of which is on its way to a new home (the one shown), two of which are waiting for some kind of adornment.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Okay, I said...

In my last post that I'd come back with a rant or a rave...well, my thread got here today. Shipping was a little more than quoted (and I do mean little, less than $2 more)...and I *think* it was disguised as a craft book...I was billed for an LA book, didn't order or receive one, and I saw no shipping charge. I'm sure I will buy from them again.
So, now I have thread to make...I'm not sure just how many thread teddy bears! Here's my latest style:

He sits 3" tall, and was such fun to make! I didn't even mind embroidering his nose, which I don't normally like. The pattern for this guy will be available March 5th.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A virtual running around

Actually, it did start as a physical running around. I had a custom order and need a specific colour of crochet thread. Now, I do have that shade in my attic, but the pull-down stairs broke and we haven't been able to afford to fix them, what with hubby Mike off work for a month and a half. We have brought a ladder in, but with all the snow and slush outside, there's no way I want that tracked through my house.
So, what to do? Buy NEW!
Mike had to do a Leamington run with the girls to buy a birthday gift for one of their friends, and I showed him how the thread was packaged, and told him I needed light purple.
Nope, no light purple in Leamington.
So, no problem...there's MICHAELS! Saturday, after working the midnight shift and napping for 3 hours, we drove up, and the selection was pitiful. Hardly any thread, and not one spool of the colour I needed. As for yarn that I was looking for, they had about 6 shades of Patons Canadiana. There was a big sign advising that there was a new yarn department coming in the spring, so I'll not be too critical yet. Just disappointed.

We got home and I immediately jumped online to explain to my buyer there'd be a delay, if she wanted to cancel, I'd understand. Fortunately, she is not in a hurry and will wait for a few days longer than stated.
A virtual trip to Peaches & Creme yielded a 5 lb $25 cart, with shipping of a hair under $30. They *have* to ship priority unless they put it in an envelope. Well, duh, I feel like contacting them and saying put it in a d***ed envelope, I want YARN!
Okay, no Peaches & Creme. Shipping like that eats up my profit. More like inhales it...
Next, a virtual trip to Herrschners. Sure, they have what I need listed, but shipping is iffy. If the Canadian warehouse is out of stock, they have to wait for an order from the States. This happened to me once, it took TWO MONTHS. They do caution it could take that long, and boy do they mean it.
Okay, no Herrschners. My patient buyer could not possibly be that patient. Heck, I'm not that patient.
Then, a virtual trip to Mary Maxim. Shipping is a little high, but pretty much on par with similar online retailers that charge $x per $y ordered instead of by weight. But I'd be okay with it, after all, it's not Peaches & Creme high. Their crochet thread selection was slightly less pitiful than Michaels. Where on earth was the Southmaid? I was sure they'd sold it before...
So, no Mary Maxim. I mean, they didn't have what I needed!

I progressed to searching and found Wool-Tyme, which is located in Ottawa, probably a 3 day shipment away. They didn't have Southmaid cotton, but do have Clea, which I've used and do like, unless it's for something requiring stiffening. Teddy Bears do not. I held back on ordering for the first time, only ordered two balls of cotton thread, and it was just under $7 to ship the two, and from my experience, yes, it will cost that to ship.
So...YES to Wool-Tyme. I received an email today that my items are in stock and will be shipped today. If the shipping is good and I'm happy, I can see me returning to Wool-Tyme.
I'll have to post once I receive to rave or rant (though I have a feeling it will be a rave!) when I can say how their customer service is.