Sunday, April 06, 2014

I *Think* it's Spring at Last!

There are signs: 
**most of the snow has finally gone; what is left is the stuff that is insulated by all the dirt that covers it.
**The robins no longer look confused and lost.
**Our cats that do not step foot outside the door once cold weather hits have ventured out once or twice.
**Our little Westie has decided she does not need to come back in after only two minutes outside.

I found a pattern for a colourful gecko, and thought how nice it would be if I could make up a couple and attach them to the front of my porch's railing.  Of course, after suggesting this to my daughter, the idea was quickly and vehemently shot down.  I may still do it, right after I make up some budgies that I purchased the pattern for and wanted to make to put in our little tree.  A few years ago...

So, what am I working on?  A friend in one online group I belong to suggested a crochet along, and thought this time I might just try it.  So, each week, we are crocheting 4 squares from this tunisian throw pattern at Lionbrand.  Not only will I have a new throw for my living room (if I do stick with it and actually finish it!) but I am learning new stitches.  And getting ideas, some of these would make nice dishcloths and potholders!
We start the next square pattern on Monday, I have one square finished for this week, three to go.  Something tells me I may not finish all 4 by tomorrow.  :)