Sunday, December 28, 2008

Touching base...

What with more hours at work, a few pre-Christmas orders (plus one for early January I'm working on), Christmas preparation...I've had little time for computer. Instead of begging for 'just a few minutes' when my girls and I both want the computer, I've been gladly stepping aside otherwise I wouldn't be getting things done!

And the extra hours at work ARE coming in handy now. With Chryslers off for 5-6 weeks, my husband who works at a company that supplies them is off for about 5 weeks, without the 80% of his wages that Chrysler employees are getting. It'll be tough, but we'll be okay. Isn't the saying: "At least we have each other!"? Hopefully we don't get too much of the 'each other'!

I've recently become addicted to another technique: felting. I'd bought two skeins of wool yarn before Christmas and quickly used them up making small candy bowls, a tealight holder (for battery-operated tealights ONLY), and a shallow candy dish. And have to have more! This did not escape hubby's notice, who commented that I'd soon be shrinking our kids.
"Only if they're made of 100% wool..." I replied calmly.