Monday, August 11, 2014

Not so Hazy Days of Summer

My first sunflower of the year.  A little story about this sunny face:  last year I purchased a packet of mixed sunflower seeds (red, orange, yellow) but never did plant them.  I saved them, thinking I'd do it this year, but sadly, forgot all about them till I started my annual clear the overgrown garden task and by then it was too late to plant seeds.
 After I had finally cleared the garden and was planting some annuals I'd bought, a neighbour asked if I would like some sunflowers:  his plant last year had spawned hundreds of babies this year and he was giving them away to anyone and everyone.  I have a small patch now, and imagine there'll be lots more next year!

August 11th...and I could probably count on one hand the nights I have slept *without* a comforter this summer.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, it is just hard to believe, after the nights last year when the hot nights made sleeping difficult.


After not having been up in my attic for several months, I was up the other day and decided to get rid of all the yarn I had up there.  I haven't touched it in at least two years, so why not?  I listed one 68 litre tote in a local facebook group for crafters to post their unwanted crafting supplies for $30 (Cdn), tote included.
I had a request for more pictures than the grab-bag-style picture that showed only the top layer, and was surprised at how much yarn actually was in there.

Speaking of Facebook...I will admit I am shocked at how many people have joined my free pattern group.  Before, there'd be a few here and there, but lately, there've been days of more than 10, and as soon as I approve them all, a few more apply.   I am wondering why the sudden popularity?  And also feeling like I should finally get around to designing some more free patterns!