Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a RHHN!

Short for Red Hot Hooker Night!  Hooker, as in crocheter, if you thought otherwise...well, shame on you!  :)

  If you crochet, there are a few shops involved who are offering BOGO free specials on their original patterns--me being 'two' of them:  patterns and finished items.
check out this list of participating shops, there's everything from patterns, to yarns, to scarves, dolls, afghans, dishcloths...something for everyone!

There's some excitement in the Hooker ranks today, Red Hot Hooker Night began at 6pm Eastern and will run until 12 midnight.
Participating shops and their advertised specials--don't forget to mention 'RHHN' where required for your savings!  And for the BOGO pattern specials, be sure to state which pattern you would like free, this will speed up delivery time for your PDF's, as the seller will not have to contact you and wait for a reply.

Welcome to Etsyhookers team Red Hot Hooker Night!
Below is a list of participating shops and the specials they are offering.  If you
see something you like, snap it up and take advantage of the sale before it's too late, this 'red light district' shuts down at midnight!
**Please check each shop's announcements for more details on their special. and :  10% off any crocheted item, difference refunded via paypal after payment is
made. :  BOGO, buy any pattern, get one of equal/lesser value FREE! State free pattern choice in 'Notes to Seller'. Also, 10% off all shop items (excluding pdf patterns
and shipping), type 'RHHN' in Notes to Seller and difference will be refunded. :  All patterns, BOGO free (free one is of equal/lesser value). State your free pattern choice in Notes to Seller. Also, 10% off finished/ready to ship items, mention 'RHHN' in Notes to Seller and the difference will be refunded. :  20% off all winter items tagged 'winter'  Reduced prices are as shown. (ps:  it's mysparetimedesign's birthday!  Happy Birthday!) :  10% off storewide, refunded after payment is made.  Free gift if you add 'RHHN' in notes to seller! :  All crochet patterns, BOGO free (free one is of equal/lesser value)  State free pattern choice in Notes to seller.  Also, 10% off all items excluding patterns, mention 'RHHN' in Notes to Seller, difference will be refunded through paypal. :  10% off your entire order via a PayPal refund, plus free shipping if you mention 'RHHN' in Notes to Seller.  For faster service, please state colour and size choices in Notes as well. :  All Crochet items, save 15%, refunded through paypal after payment is made. :  10% off everything, refunded through paypal after payment is complete. and :  free shipping in both shops. :  10% off your entire purchase, plus free shipping when you mention 'RHHN' in Notes to Seller.  Savings will be refunded after payment is complete. :  I will be offering 25% off all of the Econopac yarns (bags of 10 balls) in the shop, and 10% off all other yarns.  The econopacs include the Inspiration (alpaca /soysilk blend), the ROCK (wool, soysilk, hemp blend) and the CRAFT (organic cotton & milk protein blend).  If you see something in the smaller packages that you would like in the larger pack, please let me know. I may not have all the large packs listed.  All shipping will be combined. Discounts will be in the form of a paypal refund.
And YES!!! I do ship worldwide! :  BOGO 25%off.  25% discount will be taken from the less expensive of the two items and refunded via PayPal after I recieve cleared payment. This offer is good for anything in my shop - including clearnace items!  Also, 10% off any custom order placed during Red Hot Hooker Night - just mention RHHN in your convo. :  Receive 10% off all handmade items when you enter RHHN in message to seller section at checkout. Discount will be refunded via Paypal once payment is received.  Also, buy one individual crochet pattern, get one free (of equal or lesser value.) Enter RHHN and which pattern you would like for free in message to seller section at checkout. :  15% off all items, be sure to mention 'RHHN' in notes to seller.  15% refunded via paypal after payment is complete. :  10% off all items excluding patterns.  Mention 'RHHN' in notes to seller to receive your 10% refunded via paypal. :  20% off the purchase price (excluding shipping) on everything in my shop.  Discount refunded via paypal after payment has been completed. :  15% off all shop items (not including spinning/felting fiber, pdf crochet patterns, and shipping cost). Add RHHN code in notes to seller at checkout and your discount will be refunded to you through paypal (after payment is received). :  15% off all shop items (excludes shipping, does include sale items!).  10% off all custom orders placed tonight. :  BOGO--buy one crochet pattern, get one of equal/lesser value FREE!  State your free pattern in Notes to Seller.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Current works

I've been having fun lately working with thread.  Plus a traditional granny square afghan on the side when I need a 'break'.
In particular, I've been making teddy bear bookmarks.  I've seen some people make bookmarks out of worsted weight yarn, and this always makes me cringe.  I think it 's just me--I imagine the thick yarn 'stretching' the book while it's holding the reader's place.  Then, especially if the reader doesn't return in a timely manner, for sometime afterward, the book will remember that spot all by itself and automatically fall open to it.

I do much prefer thread bookmarks, although they still are thicker than a sheet of paper, they're less than half the thickness of a yarn bookmark.  And these teddy bears I have to say, look so cute peeking above the book cover waiting for your return!

So far, I have only 5 of them in my shop, but do hope to have more (plus a few different ones I have in mind to start when my thread order comes in!) soon.  You can click on the picture to be taken to the listing and see other pictures, along with a closeup of the face!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Time of Bizarre Dreams

I had thought at first it was the Buckley's, or the NyQuil, that I'd been taking (not at the same time of course!) for my chest cold in the hopes that one of them would stop the constant coughing that kept me from having a good night's sleep.  Then I began to wonder if it was perhaps the cold itself...
Now, I'm just not sure.
It's just a time of bizarre dreams.
Like, last night, I dreamt I was in a small town, in a park that overlooked shops across the street.  I do remember seeing a hardware store, but don't remember the other shops adjacent to it.  Basically, the dream was about a woman who had kicked her husband out, suspecting he'd been cheating on her.  He'd come home and the wife noticed lipstick on his face.
In the park, I witnessed him approach a woman who was sleeping on a bench (she looked like she may have been a prostitute, blonde, 30-40-ish) with lipstick prints on her face in a pink lipstick shade.  (Remember, I DID say bizarre! and I tend to dream vivid, btw)  I watched as the man reached into a pocket, pulled out a lipstick tube, applied some to his own lips, then tucked the tube into his pocket and walked off.
So, he wasn't cheating, just had a weird lipstick fetish.

Now, where on earth would that dream have come from?!?  I cannot be the only one that dreams such vivid, weird dreams?

I have to say, the bizarre dreams are still more welcome than the 3-4 nights of dreaming about UFO's approaching, and the dread I felt hearing them, but not wanting to SEE them.  Not to mention finding out quite some time later after I mentioned them to my brother that (I seem to remember it was) in South America, there'd been UFO sightings during that time.

If it has to be one or the other, I'd much prefer the bizarre dreams, they're at least entertaining.