Monday, April 12, 2010

Current works

I've been having fun lately working with thread.  Plus a traditional granny square afghan on the side when I need a 'break'.
In particular, I've been making teddy bear bookmarks.  I've seen some people make bookmarks out of worsted weight yarn, and this always makes me cringe.  I think it 's just me--I imagine the thick yarn 'stretching' the book while it's holding the reader's place.  Then, especially if the reader doesn't return in a timely manner, for sometime afterward, the book will remember that spot all by itself and automatically fall open to it.

I do much prefer thread bookmarks, although they still are thicker than a sheet of paper, they're less than half the thickness of a yarn bookmark.  And these teddy bears I have to say, look so cute peeking above the book cover waiting for your return!

So far, I have only 5 of them in my shop, but do hope to have more (plus a few different ones I have in mind to start when my thread order comes in!) soon.  You can click on the picture to be taken to the listing and see other pictures, along with a closeup of the face!

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