Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Special

There's still time to whip things up for Christmas! For a limited time, I'm offering a set of 8 crochet patterns for more than 30% off their regular price (one pattern is not shown--my Snow Family Ornaments).
Separately, they sell for over $14, the set is on sale for only $9 until December 5th, so hurry to get them while the price is low!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Where is your chocolate from??

With the recent food scare involving tainted milk product in China (now there are eggs in China that contain melamine), what scares me is that the Canadian government allows manufacturers to simply state 'imported by...' on their packaging.
So, the chocolate covered peanuts that I purchased a week ago that were 'imported by ******** of Canada' could have been made as close as the US, or maybe in...China??? I know there are law-abiding companies there, but lately, it's the ones that want to make $$ by faking protein content (adding melamine to fool the tester) so that they can water down the product.
I work in a produce department, and there are sign police that come around to check signage. Sign police, you scoff. But it is true. To date, I haven't seen the actual 'sign police', but more their advance scouts, the ones that warn the higher ups if there is cause for alarm. What happens? The store could get a fine if their signs do NOT state country of origin, or if the sign incorrectly states country of origin. So if that apple sign says Canada and they're US, it could cost us.

But what about that chocolate company? And other food manufacturers? It's not just pesticide usage we worry about now, but ingredients in processed food.

Here is a comment I just sent to the chocolate company who imported those chocolate covered peanuts:
"I recently purchased a box of Glosette chocolate covered peanuts, believing I was purchasing a product made in Canada. After eating, I happened to look at the box and was dismayed to see not a 'made in Canada', but an 'imported by...' note.
With all the recent food scares, I couldn't believe that I now had NO idea where the product was made.

What I do not understand is why produce is required to have a country of origin, or the grocery store gets a hefty fine. Why on earth are products created with multiple ingredients allowed to get by with simply 'imported by'?
I thought I read that the Canadian government was going to change this, and it would be nice to see food manufacturers adding 'made in...' or 'country of origin' to their packaging even before this became mandatory. I think customers would greatly appreciate this.
I thank you for your time. "

I am curious to see what their response would be.

Now, as a consumer, would you prefer manufacturers wait for legislation forcing them to add this pertinent information, or would you be impressed that the food manufacturer cared enough about their customers to jump the gun and add this before it's mandatory?