Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Afghan...with Sleeves??

Okay, I've seen the Snuggies commercial. Basically a blanket with sleeves. Drawback? Uh, really, am I to believe that person you show outside cheering at a game, claiming that the Snuggie keeps her warm...I'm thinking her arms may have been, and the fronts of her legs...probably the front of her torso...but what about her BACK?
When I'm outside, I wrap up from the BACK forward. If my back's cold, it doesn't matter how warm the front of me is, I'M cold. Warm the back...I think you get it.
And due to the popularity of these, I see a couple of crochet patterns for Afghans with Sleeves. That's high up on my Not to Crochet List, along with those retro potholders with the nightmare-inducing plastic faces and toilet roll covers that LOOK like toilet roll covers.
Just give me a sweater for Pete's sake. Not only will my back be warm, but I won't trip over the edge when I have to get up in a hurry.

If you have a Snuggie, do you love it, hate it or just have lukewarm feelings about it? Did you buy it, use it once and it's sitting in your closet keeping a shelf warm? I'm curious, share your story!
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