Thursday, November 24, 2005

HP and the Goblet of Fire

We went to see the newest Harry Potter movie on Sunday, and I swear, I almost cried! From the start: I blinked and missed the whole World Quidditch Cup. Which, according to the book, had a forest around it, but in the movie had no forest for wizards and witches to run and hide in when the dark mark appeared. The biggest disappointment: think of how EVERY building looked in the wizarding world. Old. Stone, wood. How did the stands for the Quidditch Cup look? Hi-tech metal. BIG disappointment. What happened to the creativity??? We mere mortals could have erected the scaffolding.
Understandably, the book had to be edited to keep the movie to only 2 1/2 hours. Narnia will be 3 hours, since they're including everything in the book. Which means, 3 hours is acceptable: maybe we could have been introduced to Winky (those who haven't read the book will be wondering 'Who is Winky???') who plays an integral part in GOF book, and a fairly important part in the next one.
My question is (please don't read this if you haven't already read Order of the Phoenix): now that the purse for the Tri-Wizard Tournament was deleted from the movie (mention of that really cut down the time!), how will the Weasley twins possibly start their venture?
And those who read the book will know a secret about Rita Skeeter that those who've only seen the movie don't know. Since that secret comes in handy in future, I think it would have been beneficial to mention it here.
Other movies have been made into longer features, and I really feel that this movie did not do the book justice.
Those who have not read the book will probably enjoy the movie more, but I'm wondering, am I the only Harry Potter fan who was disappointed??? Serious and CLEAN comments only.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Contest time!

I had such a great time with my name the elf doll contest back in the summer, that I have a new one for a new elf doll. Winner will receive all December's new patterns. I just posted info this morning, and have had a handful of entries already! I'm so excited!Details can be found at . One of December's patterns is the elf doll herself:

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bring on the Snow

Now that it's getting colder (still only around the freezing mark), it's time to bring on the snow. If we're going to suffer with the least we'll have something pretty to look at while we shiver inside our winter layers.
We did get some snow: the kind that you peer out your window, not breathing, not moving, not blinking, cause you'll miss that snowflake if you do.
So many winter patterns on the 'net. And (as the saying goes) so little time. I have a free pattern for Sweetie the Snowflake fridgie, shown at right. Click on her picture for the free pattern. Use thread for a smaller snowflake, great for Christmas trees or garlands, or to make and attach a long chain and tassle for a bookmark to insert in greeting cards.
Now, a little birdie told me a birthday is coming up. Okay, so I'm the little birdie, and I'm the birthday girl. How old? 29. Same as last year. And the year before. And hopefully for a few more years, until someone looks at me funny when I tell them I'm 29. I'm thinking of a special special for that day only (December 10) so keep an eye here or on my site for details.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Around the Corner

Let's see...from the radio station which started playing nothing but Christmas songs since November 1st, to the department stores where Christmas items were side by side with the gruesome and ghoulish Hallowe'en decor (something wrong with that!), we're certainly reminded that the Christmas season is fast approaching.
I've come up with a couple of Christmas designs that work up fairly quickly, as well as a pumpkin mug for the US Thanksgiving and a pair of Corvette graphs for the car fancier on your list. Patterns are sold individually, or buy a one month membership and receive all 4. (And here I'm reminded of Infomercials:) But that's not all! For a short time, buy one one-month membership, get a second same-month membership FREE. This is great for those with Secret Santa gifts to send: the patterns can be sent anonymously to their recipient. For more information, or to order patterns, visit my sale page.