Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Around the Corner

Let's see...from the radio station which started playing nothing but Christmas songs since November 1st, to the department stores where Christmas items were side by side with the gruesome and ghoulish Hallowe'en decor (something wrong with that!), we're certainly reminded that the Christmas season is fast approaching.
I've come up with a couple of Christmas designs that work up fairly quickly, as well as a pumpkin mug for the US Thanksgiving and a pair of Corvette graphs for the car fancier on your list. Patterns are sold individually, or buy a one month membership and receive all 4. (And here I'm reminded of Infomercials:) But that's not all! For a short time, buy one one-month membership, get a second same-month membership FREE. This is great for those with Secret Santa gifts to send: the patterns can be sent anonymously to their recipient. For more information, or to order patterns, visit my sale page.

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