Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bells and Whistles

Well, more like rings and whistles.

The ring. I have a cell phone. I use it only when I go out, and my daughter uses it when she goes out so if she needs us, she can reach us. 50 cents for a payphone is ridiculous. This afternoon, my cell rings. Strange, cause my daughter and all her friends are in school. No one I know has my number, other than my husband (and of course my daughters) and he knows I'm at home.
I answer:
Him: Yes, could I speak to Holly please. (We've gotten calls for this mysterious Holly before)
Me: I'm sorry, this isn't Holly's cell phone number any more.
Him: Well, this is student loans. Do you have a number where we can reach her?
Me (kinda laughing): Uh, well, when you buy a cell phone and they assign you a number, they don't tell you who all has had the number before you. (Not to mention give you their new numbers)
Him: Oh, I'm sorry!
Me: Not a problem, we've gotten a few calls for her.

Now for the whistles.
Bird whistles. Or trills...the tree swallows are back nesting this year. This time, they've moved one birdhouse over on our front porch, and have chosen the one that's about 4-5 feet directly across from our front door. I peeked in today, and I'm not sure, but I think I saw a tiny, smooth little white egg in amidst the feathers!

Now, if my sunflower seeds grow, I might get visits from an American Goldfinch, last time I had sunflowers, we saw the little guy daily.

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