Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all moms! My creative daughter played around on the computer and made me this picture that I just have to share:

Right now, she's plugging in the iron so someone can iron her latest perler bead creation, another Mother's Day gift.

My day was going to be spent gardening, but I heard the weather forecast for today and it just didn't look good! So, I did my work yesterday. My front garden was weeded (again), we put in more dirt, and I finally planted the bulbs I'd bought, although I may have to buy new Peruvian Daffodils since the bulbs had gone soft in their packaging. Ugh. My husband didn't like the flowers, they're a little out of the ordinary! If I get any to grow, I'll have to take pictures.
Also planted some gladiolus along the back of the front garden, hopefully they'll help hide the ugly area under the porch. A couple of mini pumpkin vines, cukes, carrots, purple-ish daisies and some flowers I don't know the name of.

Although it's Mother's Day, someone still has to do the laundry, guess that'll be me! I'm sure I'll enjoy the day anyway, it'd be great if my daughters didn't argue for the day but I certainly won't be holding my breath!

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