Monday, March 13, 2006

Everything Green!

I'd been debating sometime in the future doing themes for each month's patterns. Some are obvious: Christmas, Hallowe'en, St. Patrick's Day...but I had also thought of picking a colour, or room, or maybe even a mood.
This month, besides having St. Patrick's Day, wound up being GREEN. Crochet-wise!
A leprechaun toilet roll cover (I thought he was cute, my husband and daughters thought he looked evil--I know leprechaun's can be tricky, but evil???), a green and white outfit for 4 1/2" dolls, a clover doily and a spring green dress for those 36" tall walking dolls. That dress and story is a previous entry.
I've started Easter stuff now, working on some Eggheads. Crochet and computer time might be a little tricky this week with March break. Not that we're doing much, but between work and having kids home, my week's out of whack.
I am hoping some day to make enough money from my patterns/crochet to cut back my hours at work. And dreaming of the day when I could have a room just for hobbies. I'd share it, of course! Computer could be in it, coffee pot, shelves with baskets of yarn and supplies...I'd even settle for an over-the-garage room. Ahhhh...
Nuts. Time to wake up. And return to my small living room to work on my Eggheads and have some coffee.

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