Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Aaaargh to Telephone Spam

Not so much the solicitors, I do try to be polite when I tell them NO because I know they're just trying to earn a wage. Of course, once they start to get pushy, it's no holds barred!
Last night, after NUMEROUS messages on my machine from a sickeningly cheerful voice telling me to push '1' to lower my credit card's interest rates...I actually took this call and pushed 1.
A very heavily accented voice answered. Now, I'm good with accents, normally don't have a problem, but this was HEAVY.
Before he could get started, I asked him which credit card he was calling about.
"Oh, no, we're not a credit card. We're a financial institution telling you how to lower your interest rates on your Visa and Mastercard."
"Okay, so wait...you are NOT my Visa or my Mastercard?" (Says I knowing full well the answer)
"No, we're a financial institution..."
"Just take me off your list!" And I hung up.
The nerve of these companies calling, making you think they are calling from YOUR credit card company to sell their services. Gee, phone spam!

I don't do surveys by phone either. That one after being suckered in.
She: "If you could please help us with a survey..." (yes, it was a legitimate one)
Me: "Well, okay, as long as it's not a long one."
"Oh, no, it'll just take a couple of minutes."
Half an hour later, my baby was getting fussy. I interrupted and said "Look, I have to go, I have a hungry baby here."
"Can we call you back to finish?"
"Sure..." thinking they're not gonna call.
They DID call. I told them outright I was NOT going to finish it. After being told it would just take a couple of minutes and answering questions for HALF AN HOUR, then finding out I'd have to spend MORE time...forget it. For such a lengthy survey, I told them, they should mail it out (this was several years ago, before computers and especially email were so widespread)
I've learned my lesson. NO phone surveys.

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