Monday, January 11, 2010

It's beginning to look lot like winter...

Finally! A little late for Christmas, but the snow does look so nice on the ground. I'll just not think of how it will look when it melts and my dogs try and track dirty slush into the house.
I was working on some Valentine items, but got sidetracked by The Ruins, written by Scott Smith. I'm not one to get nightmares from reading--not even from Stephen King (but sshhhh, don't tell him that!)--but after only a couple of chapters I was so wrapped up in the atmosphere I actually had a nightmare. One of those ones that wake you fully up and make you want to stay awake until the memory of it fades. The funny thing is, I hadn't read a single 'scary' thing!

Anyway, I did finish this Rock People Valentine couple:

have the set listed in my Etsy shop (click on picture to see the listing) and am now working on a pair of pink fuzzy lips, which will hopefully soon join the couple.

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