Friday, May 26, 2006

My little tree

Now, one of my major pet peeves is seeing all the big, air cleaning trees being cut down to make room for wider streets, MORE streets, MORE buildings, and (around here it's just awful) greenhouse complexes that blind you in the sunlight. But that's not all: then, people wonder why we have so many smog alert days in the summer?????

Two years ago, the town did an overhaul on our street, new sewers, new street, and most of the tall, existing trees were cut down. What did they replace them with? TWIGS. 8 foot tall TWIGS.

This year, I looked at our little, and thought that it really needed a bird nest. So, I starting playing around with a picture in my mind, figuring out what I was going to use, how I was going to use it. Now, I don't need to (although I still could), as a mother robin is building a nest in the tree. What surprises me is that the tree is so close to the street, not to mention so close to the ground and the people that pass by. Not that we're downtown, but people still do occasionally walk past, and children certainly do play.

I will be watching that nest, and hoping nothing bad happens to mother or babies. And if eggs are laid and hatched, I will watch as I've done before, and be amazed at how often the parent birds fly off and return with food for the babies.

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