Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Update on my little mommy to be!

I've kept an eye on 'our' little robin friend and her nest. While she's been away, I have checked a couple of times, and as of last check, she has two eggs in her nest. I wait until she's nowhere around, and I know she will not 'smell' my scent on the eggs, I've done reading and know that's an old myth.

As for tree swallows that were checking out one of the decorated birdhouses along our front porch: I'm not sure exactly what they're up to. First, they removed all the long grass bits and thin twigs that my husband had put in there. I thought they stole it. But, they're still hanging around, and I did see one of them bringing something INTO the bird house. They are absolutely beautiful tiny birds, and their 'warbling' is so sweet to the ear! I am hoping they do nest there.

On a crochet note: for all you crocheters who start early for Christmas, I have a limited time special: 6 of my more popular Christmas patterns for about 50% off the regular retail of $13.85. Sale price for all 6 is only $6.95. Printed version is available for $8.95, which includes postage fee. Interested? Here it is:

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