Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm a Birdlady! (And) My Bridelady

Not that it's official. I had told my sister about the two (yes, TWO, the tree swallows DID build a nest) nests in our tiny front yard, and I was so excited she warned me: "People are gonna start calling you the Birdlady. You've heard of Catladies? You'll be the Birdlady."

So be it. The robin has four eggs in her nest (unless she laid another after I checked for the last time last week), and the tree swallows have 4 tiny eggs in THEIR nest. Surprising, since it is so close to the neighbour's driveway, let alone our front door! Their nest is located in the blue birdhouse on the left of our front porch.

The tree swallow is shown on the right: this is the male that would sing while I watched out the front door. That tiny tree in the background? That is where the robin made her nest.

I've now done six different toilet tissue covers: My Snow Couple, Stretch the Snowman, E. Bunny, the Leprechaun and now, my June Bride. June Bride is on my site now at an introductory price. She's my favourite this month, followed by my Pet Rock People--the Chef. He can be seen on my sale page as well. Click on the bride...she'll take you there!

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Ms. Deb said...

Oh she is so cute...
Were can I get the pattern.
Thanks Ms. Deb