Sunday, December 02, 2007

And the winner is...

I put all the names of those who entered into a 'Santa Hat' and asked my 10yo to draw a name. The winner is: Debi! And as soon as Yahoo will let me open that email message, I'll be able to reply to it to let her know. Debi, if you read this, please email me with a different subject line, anything but contest. Seems 3 messages with 'contest' as the subject line are un-openable right now, although I was able to open them when they came in! Aaargh.

The names of the patterns, as listed on my site:
Sugar Cookies
Sandy Plumberry the Elf
Elf Gift pouches (actually have no name on my site)
Snowman Gift Tote (no-name)
Animal Ornaments (two ornaments)
Lion Stocking
and Jack Frost (free pattern)
and Sweetie the Snowflake (free pattern)

I thank those who entered, and hope for even more entries next time!

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