Friday, July 27, 2007

Facebook and Animal Gift Bags

I'm kinda liking Facebook. I've managed to find two people I went to grade school with (yikes, was it REALLY 27 years ago???!) and about 3 or 4 people I went to high school with. It'd be easier to find more if I knew some married names...

The first pattern in my Animal Gift Bags is the Lion Stocking/Gift Bag shown below. Pattern is available in my Etsy store for $3.95. Because it is a 'special' pattern, it will not be available on my site, and therefore is not part of a membership.

Also, coming soon, the return of my Club Pack Membership. I am ironing out details as per price/quantity of patterns, so stay tuned. For a short time (at least--I may continue this one) the year long membership will still be available, for $30, you will receive all new patterns on my site, a minimum of 4 each month, for 1 year. 48 patterns in all.

For the Lion Stocking and for the Year Membership, you can use the buttons on the side.

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