Friday, July 20, 2007

I have a picture of ME

After joining Facebook and having friends tell me the question mark really did not resemble me in the least, I finally decided to let someone take my picture. The photographer? My 9yo daughter. She did want me to look directly at the camera, but I persuaded her to let me NOT look directly at the camera. I personally like a more natural look.

So....this is my overgrown garden. Although this year it's overgrown with tomato plants and pumpkin vines instead of weeds. And itsy-bitsy baby pumpkins beginning to grow!
This weekend is yet another big weekend. Last weekend I family to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Yes, I am a BIG fan. My 9yo knows this, and even made me a card to celebrate: Happy Harry Potter Day. On the inside: Please, don't make us watch any more Harry Potter Movies.
I had to break the news that there were still 2 more coming...
This weekend? The last book, of course. I read that JK Rowling cried while she wrote the last chapter. I fully understand. I've written (though never, ever published) short stories and a couple of novellas, and at the end have felt like I was saying goodbye to dear friends. Which is only a small part of what Ms. Rowling must be feeling.
I also read that some dishonest people have posted pictures of the pages of the book on the net. I can't believe any real fan would even think about downloading those. A real fan would wait for The Day. Anticipation is part of the fun.
So...I'll be lost in the Wizarding World this weekend. Or for a day at least. Depends on if I break to eat and/or feed my family.

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