Friday, August 24, 2007

Half Empty or Half Full?

Well, The Pit Next Door is slowly getting smaller. If the weather hadn't been so wet and soggy (making it extremely difficult for the guys driving the equipment) I'm sure we would have no Pit Next Door today. They started re-filling it last Friday, then again on Tuesday (the only day this week it didn't rain at all), and now, we're back to having a pond next door again. But the pond is much smaller this time around.
They're about half done now, and I can't help but wonder if it's half full or half empty??

It was 10 cent listing day at eBay yesterday, and again, I took advantage, having 23 listings up now for various crochet books I'm sure I'll never use. You know, the kind you buy thinking "I HAVE to have it" then it sits in your closet for 3 years after you look through it a couple of times. I have plenty more, but really don't want to have to take 50 packages to the post office in one or two goes, so am limiting. If it's 10 cent listing day at me out! My starting prices are usually really low, and with my luck, the end price is usually not much higher. I had 6 lollipop lane patterns go last time for around $2, when most people are selling individual ones starting at that. So yeah, my loss could be your gain!

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