Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What happens when....

what happens when a ball of cotton yarn somehow finds its way into the washer?? Well, I neglected to take a picture before the time-consuming untangling, but here is a black and white artist's rendering of what it looks like when it emerges from its agitated bath:Honestly. Except there was more colour...and the yarn was thicker...
I set it aside to dry, wondering if I should just throw it out. But, throw out yarn??? Just because it looked hopelessly tangled? Not me. After a couple of weeks of staring at it while I crocheted with other, far less tangled yarn, I took pity on the blob and sat with it while I watched tv and carefully, lovingly picked through the knots until I had:

Much easier to work with, I must say! I'm thinking of posting the artist's rendering by my yarn stash to warn other skeins and balls of the outcome should they decide to hide in my laundry pile to go for a spin.

Now, more serious stuff. The price of my year long monthly membership will go up as of October 5th. Month by month ($3.95) for now will remain the same. If you are interested in paying only $30 for a minimum of 48 patterns for 1 year (all my new patterns as they come out--many priced at $2.95+ ), hurry, because the price will go up to $36 October 5th. My returned Club Pack Membership will also continue to be offered.

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