Friday, January 11, 2008

Wow, two days in a row. Just thought I'd pop in to say that yes, the cats were both downstairs, and no, I did not get woken in the middle of the night by loud meowing from the attic. I'm sure there were people who lost sleep worrying about that.

It's nice to have my living room back to normal. Now that the tree's taken down, the room seems a bit bigger, until we get used to the tree not being here, when the room will 'return' to its usual really small self. How small? Have you ever seen shows on TV like 'This Small Space'? I would sooooo like to see their version of large, and show them my version of small. Their small bathroom: the size of my kitchen. A small living room, twice the size of mine. You wanna talk small bathroom? I've seen larger closets. So, when these shows really DO show a SMALL SPACE, then I'll watch, cause I just might be able to use some of their ideas. Unfortunately, their current ideas for their 'small spaces' simply won't fit in my space.

Now that I've set everyone's mind at ease (Ha. Ha.) time to get working on an outfit for Miss Frizzy Head, I'm sure I've mentioned her before...the 30+" walking doll with really scary frizzy hair.

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