Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Martians are coming!

Well, at night they seem to. The last 2 nights, I've dreamt of UFO's flying close by and preparing to land. Two nights ago, I dreamt once, and had such a feeling of dread that I woke myself up.
Last night, TWO dreams of UFO's landing, and again, that feeling of dread, and not wanting it to happen, so I woke myself up.
What a wonderful ability! I wonder, just how common is it? To realize while dreaming that you're dreaming and force yourself to awaken.
If I'm really tired, it's harder. I remember several years back when my sister was in a coma, another sister asked the doctor if Sue could hear us, and the doctor explained that she probably could, but just couldn't answer, because it was kind of like...and I calmly said "like swimming up through molasses". He looked at me in surprise and said "Yes". Well, that's how waking myself up feels when I'm really tired. It's hard work, but darn it, I just don't want to dream that dream!

I'm really hoping tonight not to have that dream, but at the same time, wondering what would happen if I let it continue?

So, hopefully to satisfy my curiosity (think I'll have to post my poll elsewhere, there's not a lot of traffic here), I've created the poll at right.

On a crochet note (yes, I have been crocheting!) I have two animal bookmarks finished. One I am very happy with, the other I think I'm going to change just a bit. His (her?) face looks...well, not right. Not ugly, just not quite right. I also have a neckwarmer finished, and boy, is it warm! Now, I just have to get my camera out and take the pictures. I am currently working on an outfit for the walking doll, and partway through the top, I'm not sure if I want to do a dress, or a baby doll style sleeveless top with capris. I'm leaning toward the capris.

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