Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is just STRANGE

With temps zero and slightly below zero (Celsius), and a thin layer of snow on the ground, what my hubby saw walking up our side walk when he got home from work is just strange. Bizarre. A head-scratcher.
A dozen or so, large, black CRICKETS. You know, the chirpers (males chirp) you hear at night in the summer?
Most were on the small cement path leading up to our house, but a few were on the main sidewalk.
The only thing that I could possibly think was someone had ordered crickets via mail order, the postman was carrying the package in his arms instead of the pouch, and the box sprung a leak.
We haven't had warm enough temps to hatch eggs...and apparently, although adults will hibernate in the late fall, they seldom survive the winter. And even if they did survive our cold but above normal temps, why on earth not just wait till the 'real' warm weather gets here?

If anyone has any idea why crickets would make an appearance in mid-January, in cold southwestern Ontario, please let me know!

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