Friday, January 04, 2008

A New Year

And only how many days till next Christmas??
I know it's still Christmas in my house, my tree's still up, but that's only because when I did have the time, I just did not feel like dismantling it. But, I am determined, it WILL come down today. Or tomorrow...
However, at work, our speakers still spew sappy seasonal songs of Christmas. (note, yes, that was done on purpose! Took me a few minutes) Now, this is not the store's doing, they do keep changing it to music that's more appropriate to the time of year. Namely, anything non-Christmas (it was retro--a lot of Beatles, Beach Boys...loved it!). But, each morning at 8 am (I figured this out after a couple mornings) when the store opened...WHAM. We're Dreaming of a White Christmas and Having Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas.
Hopefully, that glitch--let's call it Head Office or so I've been told--gets straightened out.

Yesterday, I took my daughters to the mall for a few clothes. Jacob Jr. had some nice t-shirts, one in particular struck my eye. It was available in 2 different colours, with a feminine design with a fairy. The words: "Wish Upon a Shinning Star". Uh...shinning??? I looked twice. Three times. Laughed, and could NOT buy the shirt. For someone who shudders at the sight of blatant spelling errors, this spelled torture. What it didn't spell was shining.

I looked it up at, and from what I see, shinning can be a word. Just not sure what the front part of the leg, or a cut of beef has to do with a star. Although the climbing using your legs and hands alternately might possibly...if you had lassoed a star and were trying to reach it.

I asked the JJ employees what on earth shinning meant, one looked at the shirt, thinking I had meant to say shooting...saw the mistake...and left the shirts out. But, what can they do. Spelling errors might not torture others like they torture me.
I did try to contact Jacob, and although I clicked the send button, don't know if it went through. Most places have a nice Thank You For Contacting Us page for just such an occasion, but Jacob did not have one. Maybe they had trouble with the spelling...
Now, IF it did go through, and they contact me, I'll pass on what they said.
Kinda curious what on earth they would do. How many stores? How many t-shirts? Recall or Reduce? But come on, I'm also curious how on earth such a blatant error got through inspection.

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