Thursday, January 10, 2008

Okay, I finally did it. Took down that sad looking Christmas tree. It's the fold-up artificial kind, and I swear, it loses more needles than a real tree. So, after several years, it's starting to look a little scrawny. But, once it's filled up with ornaments and lights, you really don't notice. Kinda like the little Christmas tree in the Charlie Brown special.
After taking the box upstairs, I *think* both cats came back down. If not, I'm sure I'll hear about it in the middle of the night when they meow for me to pull down the stairs. I gotta get up early, I really hope they both ARE downstairs.

What did keep me busy before, or at least a couple of them:

My Zebra Gift Bag. Or stocking, depending on the time of year it's being used! Could also be made into a pillow, or used as a pyjama bag (this from one of my testers). I felt it was about time, it's been awhile since I'd done my Lion Stocking. I do have other animals in mind...

Another item, my Sherbet Bear Toilet Paper Cover. A little smaller than my 'line' of characters TP Covers, I just didn't have enough of the colour I wanted to use to have him fit a double roll. So, Sherbet hides a single roll of toilet tissue. I'm sure there are people who still use those. With 4 people in our house, it just seems a waste of time to use the single rolls.

These both are now available on my site and in my Etsy store, along with this month's other two new patterns. Not to mention all the 'old' patterns I also have for sale...and don't forget to check my page of free patterns.

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